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Clockworke returns to Paint Furs


New Member

Hey Guys and Girls and those between and those outside of all of that.
I've been struggling to find commissions clients and trying to branch out a clientel.

So here I am again, looking to sell my abilities.
Please, if you can, take a look at my art on other sites and see if my skills and styles are something you'd like to see something of yours painted or sketched in.
Prices are above as a good level of price, but smaller work is easily negotiable. All Payments to be made through PayPal.

As mentioned above, send all queries to STEAMHATSTORE@GMAIL.COM

In regards to Yiff and NSFW content, I am not a porn artist and probably not the man you are looking for, Nudes and light erotica are totally plausible, but overall, exposed bodies are far from my expertise.

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