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Hiring: [CLOSED] $50-$100 - "Wider" Character Design Commission


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I'd like to set up a commission with someone who has experience with drawing 'bigger' dudes. Not necessarily fat or musclebound, but more meat on the bones than most of the examples on here. At any rate, if anyone is willing to work with me on designing a new character's appearance (and is ok with getting details), let me know. Especially if your willing to make a finalized reference sheet after all needed changes are made (if any).
Evok: Akie
Hi :) I do half bodies for $100 I do anime and semirealistic style ^^

Other exampels:
www.furaffinity.net: Hey, babe~ by EvokStudio
www.furaffinity.net: Polar Bear by EvokStudio
www.furaffinity.net: Handsome and muscular by EvokStudio


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Hello! I'm practiced in drawing meaty guys :>

Here are examples of my latest work

and Here are my prices and ways to contact me


Indie Game Artist / Telegram: vinfang


AKA cosmonautiks
Hello! I would like to work with you on this :) I do reference sheets for $60- two flat colored full bodies, a description, and color palette. Additional views are +$15. I’ve put some examples below but more can be found in my gallery. If you’re interested in getting a commission please dm me, thanks!




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Hi! We are two artists working in a team and we are interested in your offer. Here's some of our artworks:
reference sheet_Malud.jpg
reference sheet_spirit bear.jpg
reference sheet_Tak'kar sorbek.jpg

For $ 100 I can make you a sheet like this.

1 cell shading pose
2 view (front back) flat colors
3 head shots flat colors

Please note me or e-mail me at alyneleonel@gmail.com if you want to work with us.
Thanks for your time! ;)


Hello! I could work for you) I can work with any variety and I have a lot of experience in drawing references for characters.
I have experience with drawing big guys:


Here is my price list:

You can learn more here:
www.furaffinity.net: ADOPT REFERENCE COMMISSION by Faolche

Examples (NSFW):
www.furaffinity.net: And together) by Faolche
www.furaffinity.net: Adopt egg: BAT by Faolche
www.furaffinity.net: Adopt egg : DRAGON-ANGEL by Faolche
www.furaffinity.net: Adopt egg: Succubus by Faolche
www.furaffinity.net: Falvi by Faolche
www.furaffinity.net: Adopt egg: Water dragon by Faolche

Write me notes if you are interested!


Survive, thrive, and do what makes you feel alive!
Thanks to everyone who replied! I've picked an artist, but I might have to remember some of you for next time.

Also sorry for not setting this to closed. Didnt work for some reason last time.