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[Closed] Calling all Fennec Artists: Simple Adorable Fennec sketch, ~$38+possible future commissions


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Art form: A simple colored sketch; doesn't have to be brilliant — what I'm really looking for is emotion/character
Art content: Head and Chest
Toony/Realistic: More towards Toony
WIPs: Very much desired! Along with feeding back alterations
Budget: ~$38 (£30 in my currency), though would prefer something not too much over ~$25 (£20 in my currency)
Payment methods: PayPal; possibly open to other methods providing they're commonly used, reputable, e.t.c.
Character Species: Fennec, male
Emotions/Characteristics: Very Shy, Nervous, Vulnerable, Cute/Adorable, Awkward, Introverted
Safe-ness: This commission is SFW; however, the potential future commissions will be varying in NSFW-ness

My my, where do I begin…
I have an OC, a fennec-boy by the name of Kune, that I'd like to briefly develop. He's an idea that's been around in my head for a while; I've more recently managed to acquire a couple of freebies based purely on a description of him, and I think it's time I pursued something official. He has his own FA page, which doubles as my NSFW account (so be warned when viewing), over here (but please don't contact me on that account if you wish to send me a PM over FA — send it to my main account, here). There's a description/bio of him there, and the two freebie images are in the Gallery there.

Kune is a very simple, very vanilla fennec. Deliberately so, in fact; I find great beauty and potency in things that are really simple, really pure. I remember coming across, a long time ago, a very quick shy fennec sketch someone did on FA. It was just a really simple doodle, placed in a scrap folder, but it was absolutely brilliant, and I fell in love with it. Unfortunately it was removed quite a while ago, and I can't remember the artist. I've found myself thinking about that drawing more and more; I really wish I'd saved it somewhere.
My travels in search of a drawing that fills the void of that lost artwork have taken me far, but I've not been able to find something that's quite simple and “pure” enough… About the closest I've come is the adorable fennec fursona known as Akasch, and also Tah (Foxxar). But there's still aspects of those characters that I don't picture on Kune.
So, basically, his form is very, very simple! Very pure, untainted, and so probably very easy to draw if one can form a good picture of him. But next comes the harder part…

Character / Portrayed Emotion
The one thing I'm really after in the image is the emotion and feeling of the character, and the emotion that it in turn provokes in the viewer. There are lots of artists out there that can draw really well, but lack a little when it comes to really portraying character and feeling. To give an example, I've been keeping a watchful eye on the FAF artist RufusIsTrueBeauty (also on FA here). The emotion shown in some of their artwork, particularly in the thread referenced, shows through quite well. So quality isn't (too) much of an issue; it's the portrayed emotion I'm more interested in.
The emotions I'd want to see in Kune in particular, well… much as his bio says — he's exceptionally shy and nervous, as well as awkward, naı̈ve, introverted, and soft-spoken (and ticklish :D). The characteristics I emphasized to the artists who did the freebies were that Kune is quite vulnerable, and should look as such; I requested him having a shy/nervous little smile, looking reluctantly up at the camera, as if he kindof doesn't want to be there, in the limelight, and would rather like to hide but feels stuck to the spot. I think both of the freebie artists managed to pull off that look really well, so in those cases it was more the looks that I wanted to alter.

WIPs and Alteration Requests
I'm particularly keen to see WIPs and be able to feed back on them, with requests for adjustments! I'm thinking it would be good to see the initial rough quick sketch, and to give some alterations/guidance on that, and see them implemented, before solidifying things.

The Potential Future Commissions
There is potential for future, more detailed commissions involving Kune, albeit of a more NSFW nature, and of course larger in budget. So if things go particularly well, and I end up with something that really says to me, “That's Kune!”, I will likely swing some of the commissions I have in mind for him your way, if up for them. The commissions might not come for a while, however; a lot of my art budget is set to be drained on my primary weresona (which, coincidentally, has a fast-incoming reference sheet, after many years of not quite knowing how he should look). The same applies to other artists that post here or otherwise contact me — even if not chosen for this particular commission, I might be tempted for some of the future ideas I have!

Hopefully that's about everything, and I haven't missed anything out… So if you can draw adorable fennecs, and think you can portray shy/nervous/vulnerable emotions well, post here or send me a PM! FA account to contact is here (not Kune's account), if you wish to send a PM over FA. I'd be particularly interested in seeing any adorable fennec samples, or samples portraying shy/vulnerable emotions of any species :D. As before, I'm not after a masterpiece; more something I can show to other artists to give a good illustration of Kune.
Thank you for any and all interest ^^
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Hi! i would like to do some of your your request ! here some example of my art and price.
If you want see more art, you can go here---> QueenSolaris on DeviantArt , and here you can find all the commission i made so far --->solaris91's profile — Weasyl
IF you need clarification, don't be afraid to ask :)


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Hello there friend! I'd love to work on this project for you, I love drawing fox characters and Kune's really cute? Shy/introverted characters are some of my favourite to draw. I'm also not opposed to drawing NSFW, if you decide to commission me and want something more in the future owo/

Pricing wise, my sketches range from £5 to £15, depending on what you'd like! I'm Scottish, so you wont have to worry about conversion rates or anything, and I take payment via paypal invoices. Finally, I dont mind working from text if need be, and I'd be happy to work closely with you to make sure you're getting what you'd like out of my art owo/
I'll pop some of my sketch examples below for you, and link you to my Examples Folder too! Please pop me a PM/email/etc if you're interested~




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Hi! I've drawn several fennecs and vulpine characters and I'd love to work with you! I don't specialize in coloured sketches, but a lot of my commission products (especially traditional media ones) fit your budget.
You can check my full pricelist with examples and info here: valycenegative.deviantart.com: Commissions Terms Of Service - Queue List and my FA gallery, where I post my completed commissions: Artwork Gallery for valery91thunder -- Fur Affinity [dot] net .
I take payments via Paypal, and I provide sketch and coloured WIPs for example. If you're intertested, you can contact me via FA note or email, at alkalinesparks [at] hotmail [dot] it.


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Hi! Idk if you're still looking, but here are some examples of my work. I'm willing to do way more than headshots, but that's just the examples.


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Hello! I'd be happy to work on this project with you. Fennecs are adorable. I am currently offering simple colored commissions for $30, but I'd be willing to do $25 for you. It would be something like this:

Either crisp, bold lines like the left example or more 'natural' like the right. Frames are also optional! I can make it look like a little portrait if you want.

Here's a link to my gallery on site: Artwork Gallery for Tigers-on-Unicycles -- Fur Affinity [dot] net
And here's a link to my art blog: draconicworkshop.tumblr.com: Art Everywhere

I offer livestreaming to make the process more accessible, and also to make adjustments easier. You can request my skype to make communication easier, or pm me here on FA.

Good luck finding someone!


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A big thankyou to all who posted and contacted me! It's been quite a difficult choice, but I've chosen an artist.

Special thanks to the following artists, who I liked in particular:
impendingsenseofdoom — Lots of character and emotion in the art presented! The “Surprise” and “Goldenrod” commissions were especially nice.
valery91thunder — The range of expressions you do in those reference sheets is brilliant! I must keep you in mind if I go for Telegram stickers… Oh yes, and the “Niner Design” commission caught my eye : P.
tangerinevampire — Lots of emotion and sweetness in your art, particularly in the pieces posted! I like the dragons in your gallery, too.
KitKatChunKiss — The cute fox in “ArtTrade with Quillyfox” was lovely : 3.
SleepyPyromancer — Hail, Scottish person! Your foxes were cute, and the “A tiny”/“Kaiven is here” piece was even more cute ^o^.

Extra special thanks to the following two artists, who very nearly made it! You may well be hearing from me in the future!
Kotorozec — Lovely art style, lovely range of expressions, and lovely sweet characters, with a shared passion for the shy and introverted : D.
marisson (FAF user amaitte) — Utterly irresistibly adorable art : o. The background character in “I can't trust anyone…” I loved. Would love to see your take on Kune some day!

I'll mark this thread as closed, but further contact is still welcome if anyone thinks they'd be able to do Kune particularly well, as there'll be commissions sought after in the future.
Thank you all ^^