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AKA cosmonautiks
hi everyone! i'm looking for con badge art of my character nyako.

  • her aesthetic is cute! she wears a lot of sweet lolita and fairy kei fashion so you would be able to draw inspiration from that (i would pay extra for her wearing clothing! not accessories though). another aesthetic is strawberries!
  • i need her name on the badge for sure.
  • $5 - $15 budget, I will pay you through paypal (i'd prefer to pay through an invoice)
  • also if i could get a wip before everything is finalized (could be a sketch, whatever) that'd be cool
  • these are only DIGITAL! not too comfy with people sending stuff to my house...
  • idc what size it is as long as it isn't over 500px (5inches at 100dpi) on each side

if you have any questions please ask! thank you and have a good day!

Chloe Moon

New Member
Hey there, I'm very new here but would love to help you out! I really like your art style and character design and think it would be fun to emulate it into my super cartoony style! :) I'm recently trying to build my portfolio with elements of character design so I am working very cheap and can definitely work within your budget.

Here's a link to my Tumblr page : http://moonroomarts.tumblr.com/

Also a fun perk, I'm an animator and could create a short little GIF of your character if you had some cute ideas!
Let me know if you're interested :D


Well-Known Member
Hi Cosmo-cat!
I´ll be glad to draw a badge for you.
For $15 USD I can draw a flat color headshot badge

You can check my gallery here: http://www.furaffinity.net/gallery/cyndybell/

If you are interested, feel free to ask n__n

Badge examples:


Slasher Movies & Devil's Music
Considering your budget, I could do it in traditional media (but still sending the digital printable files in the end, as you like) with a white BG for 15$. It would look like this, plus the name of course: http://orig03.deviantart.net/e2d9/f...cars_old_style_by_valery91thunder-d6z1ijm.png www.furaffinity.net: Quoth The Fox (Commission) by valery91thunder www.furaffinity.net: Our Eyes Have Met! (Commission) by valery91thunder
I take payments via Paypal and, in case of traditional media, provide a sketch WIP for approval. If interested, you can either note me via FA or email me at alkalinesparks [AT] hotmail [DOT] it!