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(CLOSED) Design a Dress for my Femboy


The Sheepish Sheep
Hi, I'm looking to have someone draw my femboy character in a dress.

His name is Sprite, and you can find pictures of him here. [LINK]
I would prefer to use the first image as a reference for his body shape and hair. I like it a lot more, but the second picture is there to show off his markings. Oh, and his ears always point up.

The main part of this project will be designing the dress itself. It may become one of his main outfits so I want it to be really good! I'm not 100% sure how I want the dress to look, but I've made an Imgur album here showing off various designs I like. I love all the designs I've included, but it is arranged in order of preference, with the last one being my least favorite. [LINK]

I want a simple, but girly pose that shows off the outfit fully.

I would like the final product to be a flat-colored image with some soft shading. Budget is around $30 to $50 USD. But I can offer a little more if necessary.

You can email me for more details at: tasheep@mail.com
You can also reach me on Discord if you would like. Just email me your username and I'll add you.

Samantha Rose

I emailed you but here are some examples~


Ghost that Draws
Hi! I’m a character designer/art director, I would love to design an outfit for your character! I usually do soft shading for $65 but if you were looking for a bit simpler of shading and a fun design challenge I would be happy to knock that down to $50!

Here are some examples of my work:




If interested, contact me on my FA!
Userpage of shad_noise -- Fur Affinity [dot] net


Heyo! I'm about to leave for about a week, so I won't be able to start until next weekend, but I do offer a commission called an outfit design!
I've also worked on designing outfits for femboys too!

Outfit sheets start at $60! Check out this link as well for more of my commission options!

Feel free to send me a message on FA if you're interested!






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