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[CLOSED] Dozen+ SFW Telegram Stickers -- ~$5-$10 CND/USD Unit Price


Daedric Prince of Secrets
Hello all!

I am interested in commissioning a larger set of Telegram stickers, comprised of entirely SFW pieces. I am comfortable with spending ~$5-$10 Canadian or US Dollars per sticker as per a mutual agreement, and would greatly appreciate a bulk discount. I can very easily afford this but I'm not made out of money! I'm most willing to pay through PayPal, though I will also consider other payment methods. I am happy to pay the full amount up front/after receiving the first sticker or some variation of this.

I'm fairly easy-going with time frames and progress updates. For this, I would prefer to have all the stickers completed within two months after work is agreed to begin, and I would like to see each sticker at some point before the commission is considered complete. All at once, as they are finished, WIPs or sketches of a pose, full complete stickers, anything is fine as long as I can be comfortable with the quality of each piece.

The stickers themselves would be of various solo poses as well as multiple different "hug" stickers. Three hug stickers would be without a second defined character and all the rest would be of my own character and a character of a friend.

For each of the stickers I would provide either a visual reference for pose, a description of the concept, or both.

An approximate list:
--Friendly "mutual" hug
--Friendly "Affectionate" hug
--"Sad"/comforting hug
--Hug featuring two specific characters (minimum of two, likely three to four or more)

The list may change by the time work is ready to begin.

With regards to style, I tend to be very picky for commissioning. Generally for this set I am not interesting in overly simple or "cartoony" styles or chibi type styles, and may regretfully decline a number of artists on the basis of style even if I particularly enjoy it. I often prefer consistency in style.

Here are two examples I have commissioned previously:
Hugging -- RangerReb.png

I love this sticker and I love this style. I would ask to hire this artist again but have unfortunately never been able to reach contact. This is the pose I have in mind for the "affectionate" hug. The character design is an out-dated version from prior to commissioning a "real" reference sheet however, and has some now-incorrect colours and patterns.

Hugging -- DungeonKing.png

I like this sticker and I enjoy the style. I may have hired this artist again, but she is heavily preoccupied with a mutual project and will be for quite a long period of time. This is the pose I have in mind for the "mutual" hug.

Lastly this is my reference sheet which would be used:

Punji Reference Sheet (JPG).jpg

For some styles I may ask for emphasis on the thick fluffy fur.

Please let me know if you are interested given these details! I will say it now once again that I'm very likely to be very picky with the particular style I'd be interested in for this commission. Very sorry to anyone who offers who I do not agree. It's gonna kill me to decline every single time, no hard feelings at all I hope. Even if I adore a style (such as Edesk who created the above reference sheet) it may not fit the idea I have in mind, and as such not accepting an artist is not a criticism of style or ability. Thank you.

Closed: Thank you dearly to all the artists who have responded here. Some very good stuff! I'll definitely keep a pin on things are future commissions. Thank you again everyone!
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Indie Game Artist / Telegram: vinfang
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Indie Game Artist / Telegram: vinfang


Gundam Meister
Hi, I am interested too. I can make flat-colored non-animated stickers for $6 USD each. Here are some examples of my work:






Please note me on FA or e-mail me at sushychan(at)gmail.com if you want to work with me.


Art Cookie
Haven’t done a sticker pack yet, but it sounds like a fun little project to take on. ^_^

My FA Gallery is here with art & general style samples. I obviously don’t have a price listed for telegram stickers, so I’ll give a quote of $65 for a set of 10 stickers.

Please feel free to send a DM if you have any questions, or add me on Discord as Saokymo #1598. Best of luck on your artist search!