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Hiring: Closed! (Flexible Budget): Need Help Creating Shark Character


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Hello! I was interested in creating a shark sona/character, I need someone who is probably versed in more muscle/bara type of art and who has experience drawing sharks!

I wanted to create a shark character that has more muscle/on the bigger side and probably has markings/scars/etc.

In terms of cost, my budget is pretty flexible. Appreciate anyone who is interested and hope to hear from you all <3
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Hi, I've done design commissions and I'd love to work with you! My price for that ranges from $40-$60, depending on how complex the design needs to be.
I haven't drawn sharks before, but I'm used to drawing all sorts of species... here are some examples of my art that involve muscular guys:


You can see more examples on my FA gallery (warning: most of it is NSFW) https://www.furaffinity.net/gallery/kakithefox/
If you are interested, my PMs are open! I also have a discord, demiphoibus#1215


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скидка на комиши.jpg

Hi! I am very interested in your idea and I would love to work with you on your shark character!
I am very comfortable drawing on mammals and muscles and I can draw them as big as you want, depending on your idea!
And in case you want some more art with your character, I have a special discount, as I am interested in new art based on the designs I created!
For those who have a refsheet created by me, I have a 30% discount on all future commissions.

I work in different styles and I can draw your character more realistically taking into account my style and stylized like the style of the show rise of the tmnt!
Also, if you have a style that seems more relevant to your character, I can adapt to it.

The price of a simple reference with a front view and a rear view will be $120 dollars, taking into account my 20% discount. This is true for both flatcolored and soft shaded art

Flat-colored price: https://www.furaffinity.net/view/46489655/
Extended price list: https://www.furaffinity.net/view/41935605/

My last refsheet:

A few more of my favorite works to make it easier for you to make a choice :з

Let me know when you make a choice! You can contact me here on furafinity, on Twitter (@SchlafenNigredo) and on discord (SchlafenNigredo#8940)
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I'm currently offering 25% off on all commissions all June if you'd like to have a look: https://www.furaffinity.net/view/28908366/

I've never drawn a shark before, but that won't stop me from giving it a go :)

Here are some examples of my work:


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I'd be interested! My customs start at 80, I also do sheets with options to them, all my contact info is in the post ;3

Deviant artFur AffinityTwitch TwitterTumblr InstagramItakuKo-Fi

LGBT+ Discount month! Starting 5/31/22 now until the end of June '22, I'll be taking on LGBT+ commissions for %50 off

- Single characters/Couples with flags/banners behind them/somewhere in the picture
- Trans awareness pics
- Characters in proud wear (Shirts, hats, etc)
- All LGBT+ couples welcome


~• What else I offer•~

Micro & Chibis


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~• TOS •~

~• Turn around time •~

Less than a week

I work on a slot based system and will let you know what slot you're in when you place your commission! First come first served​

By commissioning me you agree to my TOS

Standard form
Where I can contact you:
Commission type:
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Custom/Ref sheet form
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Body type:
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Discord: Riboo#5557
Email: Riboodragon@hotmail.com
I might be able to work with you! I can draw a diverse range of body types and species.
My prices ranger from $30 - $100 for a single character piece. You can find more info HERE.
It's been awhile since I designed a character, but so long as you have an idea in mind... I should be able to help bring it to life.

And here's an example from a little over a year ago that shows body types that might be close to what you're looking for.
My style has changed since then, but I should still be able to deliver something nice.

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i have a shark oc that i play around with so this is what i do


if your looking for a pic of your OC, fanart, with or without a background hire me, am capable of drawing whatever kind of thing youd want, SFW and NSFW available
CAD 15.00 - 40.0010 slots

two or more​

so i hear you want 2 or more characters ? , that can be done to , just like with the single charcter , it can be with or without background, can be couples pics too and SFW and NSFW available
CAD 25.00 - 55.0010 slots

one page strip or comic​

for your 1 shot stories i offer 1 page comics or strips for your oc's and or characters your a fan of, can be NSFW or SFW
CAD 40.00 - 90.003 slots

ref sheets​

need a ref shete for your oc , thats one of the many things i offer,either SFW or NSFW or one of each
CAD 20.00 - 45.0010 slots




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I'm in love with a drawing
Hii! I'm ready to draw for you!
I'm digital and traditional artist with very flexible art style!!
To tell the truth, I don't draw sharks yet, but I love to try it with you!!
Here's my portfolios:
And here's my comms info!

You can contact with me here or on my discord (Tytyu#1093), telegram (@tytyu322) and twitter (@Askillust)


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Thank you all for your replies! I have chosen someone (sorry for the late update) but I have found someone. And in the future I'm gonna reach out when I'm ready to commission other stuff since y'alls stuff is amazing! Thank you again for your time