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Breakfast Zone (Z & Ash)


I'm hosting a giveaway for an adoptable that never sold! She's got a front and back reference as well as a moodboard and a color palette. I had been trying to sell her for a good price but nobody seemed to want her, sooo I decided to do a giveaway instead!

This is the character:


WINNER: Sincere-Alear!


♥ RULES: ♥

1. You must be watching me on my FurAffinity account. I will be double-checking to make sure, so please comment with your FurAffinity username!
2. Comment down below in numbered order. First commenter comment 1, second comment 2, third comment 3, and so on!

Giveaway ends on March 30th, 2019. Winner will be chosen via random number generator. The winner will be able to do whatever they wish with the design EXCEPT SELL HER. You're free to give her away if you no longer want her, or please let me know so that I may re-gift her.

That's all! Good luck and I hope she goes to a great home!
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Anxious Little Cat
AW MAN, this is super cute! I love your style too, it's such a lovely detailed version of cartoony. Thanks for raffling her ;u; My FA username is Sincere-Alear. Good luck everyone as well :D

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