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Free Art: [Closed]Help me practice!


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Hey all, I recently switched to Medibang and want to get used to the program by drawing other people's characters!

Feel free to send whatever - I'm only going to draw SFW for now though ^^ feel free to send as much information as you want.



Definitely not a lizard
Pretty awesome drawing!
If you want to, can tou draw the character from my icon, please?


Hi there!
Would you like to try out my boy Fret? You could draw him with or without his outfit, up to you!
You art looks pretty sweet! Thanks for the chance!


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Looks like underwater!

Or a cave with sunlight!

If I'm too bright, you could do me in more shadowy tones!?

Thanks, its a neat style!


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I'll throw my hat in for a chance. Thanks for the opportunity. Hope one of my characters catches your eye.


Yonell flow

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not responding to ask for anything, just to say that for someone who's new at a programm your artwork is exellent and greatly detailed, congrats ^^


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Can you draw my Protogen and balance out the metal to organic ratio, preferably more metal on the arms and at least one hand, a cod piece, and a more organic natural looking metal chest and other metal parts on him. The current version looks like armor and i want him to look more like an organic bio engineered Protogen.


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Sorry for the wait! I'll be getting to more soon, but I recently had to reset windows so that delayed me a bit ^^'
@Bluefiremark II I drew Starren, hope it's alright! I think I missed a couple details looking back,,