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Hiring: ($100+) (CLOSED) Hiring an Artist to draw my Player's DnD 5e Character (Tabaxi / Furry PC)


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Before we get started, let me just thank you all personally for taking the time to read this, I appreciate that a lot!

I'm going to be inviting a player who I really like to join my campaign within a few weeks, possibly 3 weeks from now or more depending. They have a Tabaxi Monk they are going to want to use and play, and while they do already have art of said character- it's outdated, and I feel they should have their PC drawn to their liking that matches the atmosphere, theme, and setting of my campaign.

Basically, this is going to be a DnD 5e Portrait / Character showcase of the PC

This is how their character looks like, and what you'll most likely be using as your reference when drawing them: Garnet, the Way of the Four Elements Monk

Quality: This would be the best possible work you can offer, with coloring, shading, full scale of the body, your finest work and of course, set of skills.

Price: Depends on what the artist feels is fair. I like to go by their judgement, as I am not going to try ripping off an artist of their hard work. I will say the more expensive it is over the budget I set this too, the less likely i'll pick you if i'm being honest.

Payment Method: Paypal, I can pay for half when you show me the sketch, then the rest when you finish or pay in full but I have to see a lot of your work and proof to have faith. We can work this out once you're chosen

Communication: I would very much prefer Discord messages / DM's than here on DeviantArt or E-mail Very fast, easy to communicate, and I am always on Discord.

Any Questions? If you wish to ask me anything, do feel free to ask! And thank you so much again for stopping by!


hiya! i have my gallery and prices here, and a couple examples below ^^ the first two are DnD pieces I drew for friends and i had a lot of fun with them, so i'd love to work with you!


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I am available to work with you. You can check out my gallery here:

Here's my Commission Sheet:

Some more examples



If you are interested you can get a hold of me here on FA
Telegram: CosmicFS
Discord: Cosmic_FS#7018


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Hello there! I am open.

Here is some of my painterly work:





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My absolute best work runs about $300+ and includes a detailed background, top tier composition, and lighting. But I also offer highres Portraits starting at $130, which is closer to your budget and includes a simple background. You can view examples of my work and descriptions of my commission types either by visiting my FAF Thread or Carrd site: https://fluffgator.carrd.co/#catalog ! Feel free to message me with any questions~




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Hi, I'm very interested in working with you
my work tends towards realism, but i am also very skilled with the cell shading arts.

here are my portfolios for you to review

you can send me a message here or on my discord if you want (Luiz Paulo#2657)

If you are interested in my work but have questions, I can send you a sketch, no obligation


Some fan of art overall
Thank you to everyone who posted! I have chosen an artist and will be wishing you all the best of luck this holiday season!