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A Fox of Silver
**EDIT: I appreciate all of the responses! 8D I look forward to going through all of the posts made and evaluating who I think would be good to take on the task. I appreciate it all!**

This May I will be graduating college and I think it'd be a great idea to drop some money on a full body, shaded, potentially lighting affected, background included piece (all within budget of course) and have it be done by the first of May.

This is going to be a meaningful piece to me and I'll probably be kinda particular through this one and really hope to be able to work with the artist on it through sketch WIPs and such.

It'll be a clean image, and here is a link to a gallery of Silvr our fox in question for this! - Artwork Gallery for MrSilverFox -- Fur Affinity [dot] net

Price is flexible. I mean...I don't want to go cheap as I want this to be detailed and stunning. But I also am a college student, so I can't shell out $200 on a grandiose picture.

If you think you can help, I'd love to look through your works and talk to you and see what could happen.
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I'd be interested in doing this commission for you!

Here's my basic price guide (prices could go up based on how complex the commission gets):


And a link to the rest of my FA gallery: Artwork Gallery for TangerineVampire -- Fur Affinity [dot] net

Thanks for looking, and I hope to hear back from you! :3


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Hello! For 100$ I will make for you fullbody fullcolor picture with detailed background.
Some examples I put in spoiler.

You can see other examples of my drawings here: Uriel_Urticus's Gallery
PM me if interested, I accepting PayPal.


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For $25 I can do a painted full body c: I’ll leave some examples of my style if you’re interested . Check ins for progress are always free , and I typically get things done withing 1-2 weeks of payment , depending on how often i’m able to get ahold of you . I love sending progress shots , and if you wanted a much more detailed painting , it would go up to $35 . Feel free to send me a message if interested , and I can give you my accounts that I’m much easier to access through c:


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If you're still looking. I'm having a special right now for the rest of February. If you need more examples you can check out my FA too. :) I wanna say I can do it for $60, like making a collage for your graduation.


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