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Hiring: [CLOSED] Looking for an artist to help me design a Protogen Fursona $20-$110

Vesper The Coyusky

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I'm looking for an artist who has design experience to help me come up with unique designs and draw my protogen fursona, based on his personality. Complex designs are prefered, but might also look at simple designs. I need an artist to help come with ideas to see what fits my protogen's personality the best because I'm not good at coming up with designs myself because of my fear of copying someone else's design. Ref sheet of the front and back of the character would be best, because I plan on getting artwork of him in the future. Also if you can suggest a color palette and a name that fits him, that would be great. Telegram would be prefered as method of contact. As for Payment, only accept paypal. Drop a comment down below or PM me if interested. Thanks
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Hey! I can design a character for $70 a pop! PM me if interested :)
saphie.carrd.co: Saphie's Portfolio


Just a mutt
My reference sheets are currently created with fursuit makers in mind but if they catch your interest...

Edit: I only use PayPal and I do have a telegram account.


$100 [2 poses (front/ back)]
$150 [2 poses (front/back) + head profile]
$200 [3 poses (front/back/side)]
Reference sheet Example: https:

Options Included:
-Color swatches
-Tail attached or detached
-Feet pads
-Digi or plantigrade

Last digital face critter I did. It is rather old at this point. I was actually thinking of wanting to do a protogen so helping design yours would satisfy that itch. :3

- Will work with favorite suit styles and parts (head molds, eyes, noses, etc.)
-One minor revision after completion for free. Minor including colors, simple pattern, horns, wings, expression, etc. (Offer expires after 6 months.)
- I am allowed to post final product in my galleries and as self-promotion. If you wish for it to stay private you must notify me.
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Indie Game Artist / Telegram: vinfang


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I'm very experienced in character design, be it fantasy, ancient, modern or futuristic. Complex designs full of detail are no problem.
Some examples:

My prices: Commission Info for Nike_M_Aguaraguazu -- Fur Affinity [dot] net

I don't use telegram, I use Discord. But we can have private messages here, or we can discuss something else. We can reach an agreement.

Let me know if you are interested! I would love to do this :3


Hi, I'd like to work with you on your character's design! The price for reference sheets is $32 per view.
Here are some examples of my art:



You can find more info and my prices here
More examples here


Ante Up!
Hey, I'd love to help out! While I haven't drawn one, I'm familiar with Protogens and I enjoy drawing robot characters (like Mega Man X stuff) in my free time. I've also done several text-based character designs before, and I work super closely with clients and check in often, so I'd be able to help talk things out with you very often!

For a character design/ref sheet, front and back view, I'd charge $80-$100 depending on complexity. I am very willing to do more complex work, just as long as we can keep in touch so that I can get approval! Here's some of my work below.




My Telegram is Quroypeco! Best of luck finding your artist! :D