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Hiring: CLOSED Looking for anthro sketch pages (30$ budget)


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CLOSED! I found people i'm looking for, thank you!
I'm looking for anthro/furry sketchpages, preferably with at least two (2) fullbodies, varied poses. Will obviously accept more considering what your previous sketchpages may look like. Well thought-out layout for poses, that's all.
My budget for a single sketchpage is 10-30$, I'll only take a few.

If I don't reply to your comment don't worry! I read all replies but don't get to all of them, I'm sorry.

The character I want done:
♡ Ross on Toyhouse

He has several outfits linked in his profile, any of them are fine! (prefer multiple)

I'd highly prefer if you've done sketchpages before.
Both SFW and NSFW accepted but if using NSFW examples please say so beforehand!
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Hi, I was very interested in your proposal and would very much like to be able to carry out this work.
This is the link of my portfolio in the FA: Raidez FA ( value negotiable )/ Artstation: Raidez
this is my page here in the forum where I ask my clients to write feedbacks.


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Hey I'd love to sketch Ross again!

I don't have any sketch page examples but the 25% off deal applies for sketches on sketch pages
The first fullbody would be $15, additional fullbodies would be $11.25, additional halfbodies $8, and additional headshots $3.75.

Additional examples: pamelooart.weebly.com: PAMELOO(ART)



Indie Game Artist / Telegram: vinfang
commission price tag copy.jpg
Single Sketch: $5 each, full body
Hourly Sketch Rate: $15, Guaranteed: 3 full body, plus whatever I can sketch up in an hour.
*No physical copies, unless you are my next door neighbor;
**Scans (300px) and Digital clean up will be given instead.
Professional portfolio and contact information can be found on Artstation werewolf_pin_#001.jpg

poprocker566.artstation.com: Vinfang, Onkyu Ho

Term of service:

drive.google.com: TERMS OF SERVICE


Hey! I would love to help you with this if you are still looking!

I'll leave here my info:

The price is for singular characters.