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Hiring: ($35+) [CLOSED] Looking for art of a Pokemon character


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Feel free to comment even if you're out of my price range!
Essentially what I'm looking for is a cutesy drawing of a Banette wearing a reunion cape (official reference attached) with a sort of grouchy expression. Ideally I'd like a sort of chibi style with the hopes of using it as a pagedoll/decoration for social media, but I'm not very strict on that requirement!
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Hi! Don't know if you're still looking, but I'm open to draw what you request. You can check out my work if you want, depending on the type of illustration, it may be a bit more than $35. Here's an example of my work. <3


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helloooo, im interestes i hope i can help u, ill show u some of my works


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This is now closed! I might check back in the future because there's a lot of awesome art here that I might consider buying <3 thanks for all the responses!


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hello!! if you are still looking, i have commissions open!! i love drawing pokemon and would love to do this commission for you!! :O my prices start from $25 for a chibi fullbody, and my turnaround time is about a week or two :]

commission information + prices: https://cewiyneart.carrd.co/
more art examples: https://sta.sh/21gllnt0xu90?edit=1

tysm for looking! have a nice day <3! feel free to message me on here or on discord (celine#3533) about orders or questions!


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Hello there! Are you still looking?
I would love to draw that Banette! My favorite type is ghost pokemon so I would be very happy if you choose me.
I have done some Pokemon illustrations in the past but my most recent ones are the ones where I emulate the old school style

Here's my FA gallery if you want to check out more of my art:

You can reach to me through FA gallery or DMs here, thanks for your time!


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My artist Kyria can help you c:
Here are some examples of her work and her commission sheet.
We look forward to working with you <3