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Hiring: CLOSED: Looking for artist to create digital art of one or both of my characters $35-$130

Vesper The Coyusky

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I'm currently looking for an artist to come up with ideas with me on developing digital art based on one or both of my characters or it could be separate art of both characters. Can be SFW or NSFW. It can be based on its personality, trait or small bits and pieces you need from me about the character. I'm not looking for reference sheets, just looking for full body art. I don't really have any ideas/poses on mind because of no motivation, but if you would like to provide ideas, that would definitely help. I prefer artistic freedom, because I have no idea what to ask for. But if you have ideas we can exchange and think about, that would help a lot. Benji is my main fursona www.furaffinity.net: Commission: Benjiro Ref Sheet (SFW) by Dritazura, and my other fursona DJ Lucio www.furaffinity.net: Commission: Lucio Ref Sheet by Nike_M_Aguaraguazu. Still deciding between the two. Telegram, Discord, I deal with in communication. PayPal is prefered in payment with me. Shoot me a PM or comment below with references. Thanks.
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Hello! I'm interested in working with you!

Check out some of my work here

My prices and ways to contact me are here

Thank you so much!


I can offer fair prices for SFW or NSFW work

you can check out my work here Artwork Gallery for TheArashi -- Fur Affinity [dot] net

and my prices are listed here


Independent Rawr Artist
Hi there, I'm interest!
So here's my commission offer to you with the sample work
P.S. I'm okay with anykind of SFW/NSFW

Half-Body | $42 - $47
Simple Background Only - Plain/Color/Gradient
Turnaround estimated 4-7 days

Full-Body | Simple - Price $77 | Complex - $93-$117
Simple Background - Plain/Color/Gradient - Turnaround estimated 6-10 days
Complex Background - Textured/Element Graphic/Full Environment - Turnaround estimated 12-21 days


For find more of my artwork, please visit my Instagram or Deviantart (because I'm currently active over there)
instagram.com/hynvaleism -----

If you're interest, please reply me back, PM me, or mail me at ramaprabawaaji@yahoo.co.id
(for communication, I'd prefer with this option. I'm sorry I don't have instant messenger of telegram or discord)

Thank you!



  • _c__half_body_jason_duguay_by_hynvale_ddy360k-fullview.png
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  • _c__half_body_schlusky_by_hynvale_ddy360l-fullview.png
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  • _c__half_body_hela_by_hynvale_ddy3605-fullview.jpg
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  • _c__half_body_ophelia_by_hynvale_ddy360b-fullview.png
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  • anhjhira___masih_mencoba_pura_pura2x_bahagia_by_hynvale_ddy0uzd-fullview.jpg
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  • my_lovely_forbidden__non_framed_version__by_hynvale_ddy0iwy-fullview.png
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Hello! I figure you probably already have an artist by now, but I’d like to offer my services. I’d be willing to do either character for you. My price for a full bodied drawing, shading and simple background, is $30. You can pay through PayPal or commission me on Fiverr.

I love designing characters and adding my own flair on things, so if you want me to take artistic liberties I certainly can do that! Here are some examples of my work.




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Hi! i'm interested to do your request ! here some example of my art and price.

IF you need clarification, don't be afraid to ask :) I have a discord account if you want to contact me here.

Some example of my art: