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Hiring: [CLOSED] Looking for artists for an icon pack!


Milkin' your interest since, uh... Dunno!
Howdy doodly, folks o' the FA forums! I've come once more, for better or for worse, to give upon the masses an opportunity to make a quick buck or two. Perhaps not as much as my previous offers (I do have a closed thread for regular art pieces up which I come back to on occasion) but still, I reckon this'll serve as good practice for expressions, for those expressive artists wanting to diversify their faces 'n stuff! But I dunno, actually. That's just my guess!

So, on to the actual commission! The OC getting worked on today is Prancy the Cowboy! I should warn that there are some NSFW pieces in there, just in case!

Much like these three icons I've got here,
I'm wanting to give this bundle of joy some more expressions through icons I can use in things like Discord, and what have you. I'll probably choose someone whose style looks appealing, go over the details in PMs, then close the thread, so shoot away!

My budget for this is around $30-40, offered via PayPal! I'm hoping to get around 6 of 'em, or so!

That's about it for me, so shoot offers away, and I'll get to looking them over!




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IF you'd like, I'd gladly give it a shot! Icons are fun as heck! I do sheets of 20 for $20, I'm used to tumblr rp style icons, so they're a lot more numerous and smol. (100x100)
For brevity of post, I'll show the expressionsheet I used to make my icons, rather than posting all of them! I'm glad to alter the price/package size for you if you would like to! I absolutely love doing all the cute little faces!

Other tumblr RP habits, I can make related side bar images to your size specification for banners etc!



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Hey, I'm interested in working on this! Here's my commission sheet which includes regular headshots but if you want several smaller resolution images i can probably with your budget! You can check out my FA for more examples of my work!



Milkin' your interest since, uh... Dunno!
And just like that, I've gotta close this thread up! Lots of people to consider here, currently and for future commitments, so I'm glad to see the excitement to work is there, as it certainly won't be my last time commissioning folks here.

I've already found a person to work with, so here's to one of those of you here being the next! Cheers, everyone!