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(Closed) Looking for/hiring: Sprite/Pixel artists commissions


Krita user
Hey all! It's me again, your favorite nobody on FA! Haha

Unlike last December, this time I am strictly looking for artists who specialize in sprite/pixel art! --- Also, unlike my previous thread, this is strictly a SFW commission thread. No smut here! >:3

I'm looking for an artist who is willing to draw my 3 characters in sprite form, or pixel art form? I know this is vague, but sprite/pixel art has always been really cool to me, even as a kid~ The Gameboy Color, Sega Genesis, Super Nintendo, Gameboy Advance, etc. Those consoles were really memorable for some amazing spritework and pixel art given the hardware limitations and I've always wondered what my 3 characters would look like in low resolutions, hehe~ :3

If any artists are interested, here's what my requirements for the commissions are:

1. My commission idea(s) a strictly human.
2. I'm looking for spritework or pixel art, whichever term is the most applicable to what I described above.
3. I would like links to your gallery and commission information for me to check you out!

(I'm new to spritework/pixel art commissions, so if I'm lacking important details, please let me know and I'll refine what I'm asking for! ^^)

I will not reach out to anyone for a couple weeks, but right now I'm casting my net to see what I catch first! <3


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Due recent changes in my life, my financial situation is strict. If I get multiple artists showing me their work, I will only be reaching out to one artist per month. (Depending on the price of their services.)


Ryn ⛤they/them
Meowdy Nya'll! I'm Ryn (they/them), and I'd love to work with you, I'm very interested in doing a commission together! Here are my Prices and Examples, and please check out my Gallery if you'd like to see more, as I can work in a variety of styles!
The best way for me to give you an exact price is if you'd fill out my Pricing Form!
★ I take payment through Paypal and Kofi!★
★ My current turnaround time is within a few days of payment!★
★I send Work in Progress updates frequently, so feel free to ask for any edits to get exactly the art you want!★
★I can be flexible with prices and am willing to work within a budget, do payment plans, or reduce prices for large batches of art!★
★Feel free to message me any time!★


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Hi there Queerstalline-Void! May I ask if you can link me to a couple examples? I searched your gallery, and I was unable to find some. I'm really short on time, so I apologize for my late response! ^^;


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Hi there! I love making pixel art, my favorite style is that of the NES actually. if you're still looking for an artist, here's my info and examples, which are mostly furry but I've also done humans before of course!:



angsty uwu

I actually also do Pixel-Art, rhoufh I only have exampels with anthros, but I mean you already know my human art, right :]
So I just dump my pixel art in here owo
I'm still new and It's a rather detailed pixelstyle but maybe you like owo
One Char is 30$, I can do simple animations for extra charge owo


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Thank you for the responses you lot! I appreciate those who are posting their stuff for me to see!

If I've already come to you in the past, then please do not take it personally if I skip you. I want to give others a chance before I consider returning to previous artists for new stuff. :)


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Thank you for those who took interest in my search endeavors! I'm locking this thread because I already selected the artist of my interest, but if you were not selected and/or if you missed the chance to post on this thread and you are still interested in doing pixel are from me, please send me a PM and I'll get on contact with you!! ^^
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