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(Closed) Looking for more Rp partners.


The softest little kitty
I am wanting to build a medieval fantasy type world with each species having it's own nation with its culture and traditions.

The story will start with one of us coming from our home nation to the other as a slave and then the other is the prince/princess of their nation.

This is more than likely going to contain murder, control, basic politics, world building, and some other things to spice it up.
This is a basic idea outline as I do want to save most of this for PMs. I mostly rp on discord as it is so much easier to see when you have a message.


Queen of Laziness
I mean, I’d like to give it a try, as long as no voice chat involved.

Having a vulture for a parent is not fun.


The whimsical clown
Sounds cool. I am interested!


Shekel collector
Is this still going? Politics and world building sound like my cup of tea and the time period is also (in longer term) alright


New otter washed ashore
My discord is in my profile, I’ve rped for a long time.


Funny thing, I actually have a race of dark magic worshiping "dark elf" like deer people called the Jakura. They're sort of like elves, but evil and they have a Aztec/Native thing going on.