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Purple Bunny
I dunno what it is, but when I get interested in something, I'd like to see it in art form. That weird? I dunno.
Any-who, this time, I'm looking for 2 Reference sheets, as well as another 2 pieces of artwork.
(Does not have to be done by the same person, that'd be insane)

*EDIT (Because What I posted below clearly wasn't seen) BOTH Ref sheets have been taken*
The 2 Refs include "Goo" themed characters. One of which will involve my main fursona being a bunny, which I have references for. The other will be a Dragon, which will be made out of thin air.
Each sheet needs at the minimum 2 poses, 4 poses being the max and best (can be discussed)
Price: 150$ Max (per sheet), but can be negotiated if necessary.
Haven't done a ref sheet before? Not a place to start, for more than one reason.
*END of edit*

*Still Need*
The other 2 will involve Vore&Tentacles (NSFW)/Pool toy art.
I cannot stress this enough, If you are not comfortable or unfamiliar doing any of those 2, look elsewhere.
Price: Negotiable, cuz I dunno. (Also pending on your current work, preset prices and etc.)

Please note:
-I will not answer direct messages.
-I'll contact you if I hire you, in which case you'll have a few days to answer until I move on.
-If I've hired you before, 100% guarantee I will not hire you again, nothing personal, just giving others a chance ^-^
-Talking to me on discord will be so much easier and faster (Once/If I hire you, so I'll give you my tag then)
(Truth be told, there's other art I'd love to get, but we'll see how it goes, hmm~?)

As always, if I don't hire you, again, none of it is personal. Showing your references is greatly appreciated!
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Hello, I'd like to offer my services. My reference sheets would start from $70 depending on the number of poses (min.2) and additional details. NSFW prices are quoted personally depending on the exact details. I have commission slots for more than one commission from your list.
You can check my art here - Artwork Gallery for Likri -- Fur Affinity [dot] net
And my feedback here - forums.furaffinity.net: Commission (Selling): - SFW and NSFW - all is welcome commissions






Slimy Googly Monster
Do you wish to hear what we're interested in?
If so: I'm fine with either but I'm mostly trying to get that goo character commission! I love goo-themed stuff but get to draw it waaay too rarely.
My prices would work with your budget easily. A two-poses reference sheet would cost $50 while one with 4 poses (assuming they aren't dressed/different forms that need to be designed too) would be $70 but I'll post a price breakdown below so you can get an idea.

Base price (one full-body-shot with the full design-process): $40
♦ Additional full-body: + 10$

Not asked in your post but might be of interest:
♦ One dress-up: + 10$
♦ One dress-up (armor): + 15$
♦ Close-Up: + 5$ (Also for Portraits/Expressions!)
♦ Close-Up Set: + 10$ (3 Detail-Shots. Can be used for NSFW close-ups, paws, items, color-chibis, portraits...)
♦ NSFW Sheet: + 5$
(If you choose a NSFW close up I offer doing a SFW and NSFW version of the sheet without additional costs. The NSFW version can include the details on the full body shots too.)
(Shading is optional but free. This would be good and probably necessary for the goo-aspect of the character to show well)

Now I'll post some reference-sheet (and sadly only old) goo examples so you know what you'd get:




If you happen to be interested you can contact me privately on this site, write a note to Yarik on FurAffinity or send an e-mail to YarikCommissions@gmail.com
(I can offer discord for later communication as well.)
I feel like it's important to mention that while I try to deliver frequent updates (and asking for feedback on every single step/body part unless a surprise is requested) it usually takes 1-2 months for a reference sheet to be completed overall with updates that usually come in the 2-5 days range depending on the stage and requested changes. If you're looking for a quick job I might be the wrong choice. Communication works with me, though! I don't disappear ever so you're always in knowledge what is currently worked on and when to expect a new update.
If that's fine with you I'd love to take this commission!

Overall, thank you for consideration :')
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Hello! I´m very interested on dragon made of thin air reference sheet.

-Cost of a reference sheet with 4 simple color views is $90 USD
-Or with 4 full color views is $110 USD

You can check my gallery here: Userpage of cyndybell -- Fur Affinity [dot] net

If you are interested, feel free to ask n__n

(Oh I´ve realized that dragon ref has been already taken. But I´ll leave my images here, in case you need something similar in the future)



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I will draw anything
Hello I have experience doing NSFW art including tentacle, pool toy art and vore. I would love to discuss prices with you and see if we can work something out. I am attaching two works of mine one in a simple furry bust the other is a human but shows you the full scope of my artistic abilities. Hope to hear from you. I would also be happy to show you my NSFW portfolio through private messages.




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Hello! I'm interested in the pool toy commission - which I suppose is having sex with an inflatable pool toy? I can render materials pretty well so I thought I might apply, but I'd still like more details on what it might include.
If it's two characters, that will be 155$ (145$ base +10$ for NSFW).

To see my art you can check out my FA: Userpage of pimpartist -- Fur Affinity [dot] net or my AS: www.artstation.com: Razvan Petrea .
If interested, feel free to contact me via a note on FA or send me an e-mail at:
thepimpartist@gmail.com !
Thank you!