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[Closed][MxM/1x1/Romance] Looking for someone to do a Night in the Woods-style RP with.


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Heya everyone! I've recently been in the mood to do a certain type of RP with someone. I've been meaning to use my bat fursona more, and I thought he would fit a Night in the Woods-type setting pretty well. By this I mean more so the area and general setting of the game, not entirely the same as the game itself. So, something like a small town/city surrounded by forest and nature, only a few ways in and out. The two of us would probably be young adults; right after finishing high school, sorta the same like the game.

The RP itself would mainly take place in the town and the surrounding area, and other places, depending on what we come up with. I'm generally open to ideas, but I was hoping the RP to have both our characters slowly get more and more used to each other. I'm also hoping to have an RP that isn't all flowers and sunshine, generally speaking. Night in the Woods generally handles some subjects like mental health, existentialism/nihilism and whatnot, and I'd like the same for the RP to some extent, at least. The rest of the RP can be discussed in DMs and whatnot. This will be MxM, it's in the title as well, but I'm saying just in case.

For the rest, I will only RP with people above the age of 18. I don't feel comfortable doing it with people under that age, sorry. As far as the rest goes, I'm fine with NSFW, as long it's later down the line, kinks can be discussed in DMs. I'd like a partner that is semi-lit to literate, with 6-8 lines at the very least, but 2-3 paragraphs is about my own maximum. If any of this interests you, feel free to leave a comment here, or send me a friend request on my Discord (C4theSlime#9434). I can RP on the forums, but I heavily prefer discord.
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