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Free Art: [CLOSED] Need examples for commission sheet


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First of all, NOT first come, first serve, I'll look at the offers and pick the characters that best suit the slot, so don't be rude, thank you :3

I'm looking for examples to build my commission sheet, so why not offer some free art, right? It's a win-win~


[CLOSED] -Anthro-

1 full body sketch -closed- Leadhoof -DONE!-
1 full body lineart -closed- RoachParade
1 full body flat -closed- Deathless - DONE!-
1 reference sheet (front and back) -closed- Kygnios -DONE!-
1 NSFW solo -closed- Clippit
1 NSFW couple -closed- Battle Foxxo

[CLOSED] -Feral-
1 full body sketch -closed- BlakeTromaville
1 full body lineart -closed- Dalirous -DONE!-
1 full body flat -closed- TrevorBlueSquirrel -DONE!-
1 reference sheet (turnaround) -closed- breakfastzone -DONE!-
1 NSFW solo -closed- SirathDraken
1 NSFW couple -closed- Jarren

EDIT: Thank you very much for who contributed <3
I'll start working on the pieces, I'll PM them when they are ready~

Thanks for the cooperation~


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Hello again!
Would you like to draw my 80's girl Deathless? Her outfit refs are below:
Rock out.png
Please keep it SFW! I'd love a full body flat if that's still available! Thank you so much!


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A Minty cheetah

~C H E E~
I'll offer my boi up for you!
Ref sheet:
www.furaffinity.net: Minty ref sheet by MintyCheetah
The rest of my gallery is there too for extra reference if needed.

NSFW solo would be fine with me. I'd go for the couples slot if paired with another male.
Thanks for your consideration! :D

I would be interesred so I'm going to leave some refs here.



Artwork Gallery for ShadowTigriz -- Fur Affinity [dot] net
It's the same character but different forms

If you decide to pick one I would be elated or if by chance both of them you are free to pair them up in any form.
(I'd prefer NSFW)

Thank you very much for your offer and time. And good luck with commissions in the future!
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Back from the dead
Oooh, you've got a neat style!
Before I toss my hat in the ring, are non-anthro characters an option?
(A dragon and gryphon in my case)
Dragon: www.furaffinity.net: Jarren Reference Sheet by Jarren_Ironclaw
Gryph: www.furaffinity.net: Seraphina Reference by Jarren_Ironclaw
If they're okay, I wouldn't mind a NSFW couple piece with the two of them. I can provide more images of them both for reference.

They are totally fine, I opened now feral slots too, I'd love if you could give me additional reference from them, the slot is yours <3


Haters Gonna Hate

Anything you need to practice use Rayly!


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If you could do my sona in the full flat feral form body, I'd love that!

I'm very curious how that would turn out, thanks!


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Breakfast Zone (Z & Ash)
Hello! I see you're in need of a feral design. I gifted this character to my friend a little while ago, and I think it'd be a great surprise for her to see art of her (if you pick her, of course). Thanks so much for your consideration!

Here's some info about her that Ash wrote:


Species: White Doberman Pinscher
Age: 26
Gender: Female
Bio: Looks intimidating but is a huge sweetheart
Anthro Height: 5’11
Hobbies: Tattooing, pen and ink artwork, makeup
Occupation: Tattoo artist
Sexuality: Lesbian