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Hiring: (Closed)New ref sheet for an older character. $50-$70 USD


Defender of Umbra
I purchased an adopt a long time ago, and I'm wanting to get a new ref sheet done for the character, now that they've become a larger part of my personal hobbies.
I am looking for a SFW and NSFW version.

I'll be able to provide the old reference, as well as some other pieces of artwork that feature the character, so the design work for the character is already done, I'm just looking for a higher quality reference sheet for the character. Please provide examples of your ref sheets, or links to your commission pages.


Defender of Umbra
Important thing I forgot to add.

I can't do Boosty. I've tried to many times to get it to work, and I refuse to try it anymore. If you have something like Kofi, or Buymeacoffee, or some other site like that, I can get those to work.

And before anyone tries to send me a "Oh, just follow these easy steps" I have, and I'm done fighting against my bank. If Boosty is your only option, just skip me, cause it's not going to work out.


Defender of Umbra
I'm going to lock it already. I've been meaning to commission Sushy for a long time, and I keep putting it off for no good reasons. Sushy, you've got the commission.


Ryn ⛤they/them
Meowdy Nya'll! I'm Ryn (they/them), and I'd love to work with you, I'm very interested in doing a commission together! Here are my Prices and Examples, and please check out my Gallery if you'd like to see more, as I can work in a variety of styles!
The best way for me to give you an exact price is if you'd fill out my Pricing Form!
★ I take payment through Paypal and Kofi!★
★ My current turnaround time is within a few days of payment!★
★I send Work in Progress updates frequently, so feel free to ask for any edits to get exactly the art you want!★
★I can be flexible with prices and am willing to work within a budget, do payment plans, or reduce prices for large batches of art!★
★Feel free to message me any time!★