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[CLOSED] Pride Icons for June!


I know you get tons of requests (I really hope you're not burnt out), but my friend just finished with my refsheet and I've been needing a pfp for a while now, so a rendition of my yeen in front of an nb pride flag would be great!! A slight detail I do want to change is make them a bit less hunched over though.
Here you are!


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    orb nb pride icon.png
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cat wolf
Could i get one to?
If you do, i would like the gay flag please ^^


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Soft Deercoon


Hi there, thanks for doing these awesome headshots. Would you mind doing my little Zipper fox? www.furaffinity.net: Zipper the Electric Fox reference sheet by Zipperfox

And could you do the straight ally flag from here: www.deviantart.com: LGBT Community Flag Gradients (It's just black and white stripes). Thanks!
Hey, sorry, but I'd rather be doing these just for folks that are actually LGBT+! If you have a couple bucks to throw at my Ko-Fi, I could do you a regular icon, though!

I don't eat USBs

Electro floof
Yours is in the works, but it would be helpful if you have any other art of him? I've never drawn a protogen before and their faces are kinda strange, lol. Also, are those dangly bits another set of ears or part of the hairstyle? Thanks!
He has four ears, so I'm assuming that the dangly fur your referring to are those. Unfortunately I don't have anymore art for him but I'll look into getting some for you to reference. (^° ^)


Werewolf a Tophat
I will take one also.
I will take the gayest flag ever. lol


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