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Hiring: [CLOSED]Princess Bunny Logo (50€-200€ or more if needed)


Princess Bunny ♥
Hey! I'm here this time to hire someone instead of offering my work :D

I'm pretty bad at graphic design and I need a better logo title for my comic Princess Bunny.

What am I looking for?

Well I have these 2 versions of the logo, but I'm talking to my patrons to see if they want to offer new ideas, sketches, thoughts, suggestions... so for the time when I finally decide who my designer will be, there probably will be more references and ideas.
Still, I'm not super picky and I'm open to new ideas, but this is very important so I will take my time to find a designer, probably someone who I can bother in the future as well to update the logo in different themes like Halloween, Christmas, etc...

By doing this logo, the designer will also be credited in the comic of course, I really appreciate any collaboration even though I pay for the work but to me it's more than just an exchange of a product for money, to me they will become important part of my project...So I would prefer if the designer actually LIKES Princess Bunny because they might be hired for more jobs in the future~ <3
Also it's important to take in count that the logo you make will be used in commercial products like: added to posters, comic books when I decided to print the comic someday... merchandising if I ever get to do any! For now, it's not going to be commercial but the idea for the future is totally to get the comic published on Amazon physical and Kindle.

Previous and actual logo (more sketches might come soon to use as possible references or ideas)


Ready? then it's portfolio time!

Please send me the following things either here or in private, or FA notes... where you feel more comfortable.

- Portfolio: it doesn't need to be very extended, I just need to see the quality of your work
- Your prices for the logo and for possible future changes and variations of it like I mentioned (christmas version, halloween version, etc...)

- If it's vectorized or not (adds value to it!) if not, how many pixels do you work with. I need it to look good in very big canvas for printing.

(plus extra points!)
- Are you enjoying this project? Did you read the chapter 0 at least? I'd prefer to work with someone who will have fun doing this, and reading is important to get inspired and do a better work on it ^^

I'm really glad that I can actually afford to do this, all thanks to my amazing patrons for supporting this project, because more support means more time to work on it and more money to invest in the project to make it better and better!
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Heya! I can do your commercial logo for 150-200 euro, depending on complexity :) Examples of my logo work below:

Combined soviet 1280.jpg
Nathan Shelter Logo.png
Raccon logo small.jpg
final small.jpg

Ruby's heraldry small.jpg

Here are my prices: www.furaffinity.net: Commision info by pimpartist
To see more of my art you can check out my FA gallery: Artwork Gallery for pimpartist -- Fur Affinity [dot] net

If interested, feel free to contact me via a note on FA, a message here, a message on Telegram at @pimpartist or send me an e-mail at thepimpartist@gmail.com, whichever works best!
Thank you!

Best wishes,


Princess Bunny ♥
Cloooosed! Thank you all I have enough portfolios already! Wow even more than expected <3 I will have a look and decide pretty soon~