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{CLOSED} Send Me Characters to Draw


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I need to make some examples for my commision sheet, so post some images of your OCs for me to draw. I'm not looking for anything specific, but I'm more likely to pick characters who have the following traits:
  • Are SFW
  • Don't have complex designs or markings
  • Aren't "sparkledog"-ish (overbearing neon colors, too many accessories, etc.)
  • Don't have wings (not against them, they just take a long time to draw)
These don't count as an automatic "out" for a character if they don't have these traits, it's just that the more of these things they don't have, the less likely that I'll draw them. If you're unsure, just post them anyway.

Here are some examples of my art: Sta.sh Uploads 471


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Can you draw Ruby as a Anthro?


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    Ruby but as a puppy.png
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Thats a great gallery you have there. But you know whats missing. A lovely Snek! :D


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I am looking for an artist who is great at drawing pictures and/or coloring them. I am changing my profile pic to something that matches my ideal character. It is a body and build of a wolf, with the wings and horns of a dragon, with some traits of a kitsune thrown in. It has to be a male thou. If you want to color it in, go ahead, but I would appreciate it if it was colored in thou. Before I forget, it has to be four legged as well. I am looking forward to see what is made. Thanks in advanced.


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I’m a collector now! And I want to acquire your art. Here’s some pictures other people have made for me.


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I’m a collector now! And I want to acquire your art. Here’s some pictures other people have made for me.

Sorry, but I really want to have this picture for my profile. Once I have it for my profile pic, I may decide on later if I allow others to use it. Sorry.


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(If your name isn't mentioned below I'm passing up your character for now).

Whooo boi I have a lot to cover. For those who want to see what my commissions are like at the moment you can look at them here: ovinecomics.weebly.com: Commisions As you can see I don't have any icon examples, and there are a few other images I want to replace, hence why I'm doing this thread. BUT ANYWAY, I've started doing some sketches.

@AlaricTheDragon I'm doing a colored sketch for you, It'll probably be the one that's finished first. I have to say, I appreciate the simplistic design; sometimes less is more.

@Jade_the_rabbit and Mexia Jackalope, Both of yours will be icons since it's clear both of you need them. One is cartoony and one is in my default style, I'm sure you can guess which is which. In order to continue on Jade though, I'll need her colors. (Also on a random side note, I misread jackalope as jackal and drew Mexia wrong the first time lol didn't help that whoever made the ref sheet gave her really short ears).

@Scales42 You're right, I don't have a snake yet! Mostly because no one ever asked for one lol. This is a really charismatic OC, even if there isn't much to the design. Hopefully, I did a good job capturing his personality! I think I'll make this a shaded sketch, but we'll see.

@Fronk-the-donkicorn I don't have a sketch yet, but I'll definitely give this guy a go! I actually have a donkey OC of my own with a similar color palette, albeit he doesn't have a unicorn horn. I'll try an experimental commission, but keep in mind it'll take some time.

@Asassinator An Assassin Creed wolf? Yeah sure, why not? I have no idea how far I'll go with the picture though.

@julievee Sorry, but I'm not super confident in my human drawing skills at the moment. Your DnD characters are really awesome though, I hope you can find someone to draw them :)

@rainbowbabe I'll give it a go. Not sure what I'll do though.

And yes, I put my name on the sketches, please don't edit it out. I noticed people have a habit of re-uploading other people's artwork on here (I migrated from dA so that's a completely foreign concept to me). Posting on social media is ok as long as I get credit, but don't upload my art to art websites (FA, dA, Pixiv, etc.). Using it as a badge on your page is fine. I'll post again once I have more work done.