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(Commission) Selling: ($5+) [CLOSED] SFW | $8-$25+ | USD & CLP!

Oxa the Xeep

A xeep is like a sheep
ヽ@(・x・)@ノ Hello and welcome to Oxa's art shop!ヽ@(・x・)@ノ

I'm a digital artist based in Chile. If my style is of your liking, here's what I can do for you:

[SPECIAL OFFER] Simple Fullbody (15 USD / 10.000 CLP)
Simple style, fully colored and cell shaded. As a bonus I'm adding a custom pattern background to suit your character!

conejita sin marca.png

Icons (8-15 USD / 5.000-10.000 CLP)
Fully colored and shading done either cell or textured.


Fullbody (10-25 USD / 7.000-18.000 CLP)
Your character in my regular, more detailed style.

Lineart (10 USD / 7.000 CLP)


Flat Colors (15 USD / 10.000 CLP)


Cell shaded (20 USD / 14.000 CLP)

rose and thorns 50.png

Texture shading (25 USD / 18.000 CLP)


TOS, Restrictions, Payment, and Contact

Click here for my Terms of Service

WILL do: Humans, Fantasy Races, Anthro, Mecha*.
WON'T do: Feral, NSFW, complex backgrounds.
*Only with visual reference. For the rest, I'm willing to work from a written description starting with a 5 USD design fee.

I accept Payment in USD through PayPal.
Acepto pagos en CLP por Transferencia Bancaria/Cuenta Rut.

For anything not mentioned here, feel free to ask under this thread!
If you're interested in my work, you can contact me through DM, or via email to itssoisicomm(at)gmail(dot)com

ヽ@(・x・)@ノ Thank you for passing by! ヽ@(・x・)@ノ


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