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Closed Species Characters for Sale


New Member

Hello there and thank you for stopping in!
I'm Bunny, and I wanted to share with you all a Closed Species that my friend has been developing.

Currently our main hub is located on DeviantArt.​
Here is our group!
[URL='https://gremlin-dragons.deviantart.com/'] [/URL]

Gremlin Dragons are an adventure loving species.
They have their own world, and even though lore is still being worked on ...
We do have quite a lot already!

Click Here To Read More About Them!

Currently this species is closed, and Churies sells adopts for them.
We also have a MYO Shop open, so you can buy a ticket to design and make your own!

MYO Shop Info

Right now, this precious farmer girl is up for sale!


She is currently up for a flatsale of $20.

Post here or ideally at the DA if interested!

We also have a discord where you can come and chat, hang out and just have fun with other GD fans and owners!

We're hoping to keep developing this species and really bring their world to life.
If you think you might be interested, give the group a watch on DeviantArt!
Churies posts new adopts for sale frequently and even stream when creating them every couple days.

Follow Her On Twitch If You Want To Catch A Stream!

Thank you again for stopping by and checking out this species!