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Hiring: ($50+) (Closed) Two Character Pinup Sketch: Lunar New Years Themed


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Hello, I am looking for an artist to hire for a two character pinup piece of my two girls pressing against each other in tiger-skin bikinis for the upcoming holiday xD. I do have a pose in mind, but if anyone wants to reach out to me for what I have in mind I will send it to ya! Or if I come to you I will share what I got

Besides this, the Kobold does have a nude ref but will not be sharing directly, this is the best SFW reference I got with her current colors. Hope to work with some fine folks soon!


  • Berry-Slice-Refsheet-SFW.png
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Hello, i would like to realize your commission. Here some example of my arts and price. Don't be afraid to ask for more information:


commission sheet 1.jpg



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Interesting choices so far! Will come back in awhile to check in on the thread. Messages and such are welcome, FA notes too if that's your preference ^^


Commission Slots: OPEN
Oh wow, what cool characters! I haven't got any examples of pin-up style but I love that kind of work. I'd enjoy bringing that to life for you, if my work is something you're interested in. You're most welcome to shoot me a message if you'd like to discuss things further :)

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Someone has been chosen! Thank you all for the responses! You all have wonderful work, and hope to work with some of you in the future! <3