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[Closed!] Want a "Merc Profile"?

Hey all!

So, while I am slowly chipping away at my writing (there is always something to write) I also wanted to work a bit on my Gimping skills (no, it's not what it sounds like).

If you are interested in having a Merc profile for your character, or perhaps a similar A4 page sized document depicting something I would be interested in some practise!

You must be wondering what the Merc Profile is, so take a gander at the one I made for one of my Watchers:

www.furaffinity.net: Mercenary Profile - Emi by RealWriterX

And here is the original image I worked with: www.furaffinity.net: The Apocalypse by legalkiller1127

I am not an artist per se, more of a gimp monkey. I can edit images (to a degree), and as long as I have something to work with I can create "art". So I cannot sadly accept sketches or rough drafts (unless you want them done by the hand equivalent of a 5 year old).

As to the contents of such a Merc report or any other A4 document (perhaps you want a lore page or some such? I did all sorts of things) we can either consult the details or you can let my imagination prowl and we can see what we get!

Also, take note, if an image is not done by you (it was a commission) I will first ask the author of the original image for permission to use it. I try to avoid any misunderstandings and drama when possible, and I especially want all the "Green Lights" when it comes to chopping up somebody else's work.

I will note however, the earliest time slots I have are for this weekend. Next week is clogged up with work. If you want a mini project done quick ask for it ASAP. Otherwise you might have to wait the whole week for it.


I can also write the profile myself, using the power of imagination, but I would always at least ask for some pointers, such as the personality of the OC, etc.


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Just some guy writing stories and playing dota
This is such an awesome idea. If you want, you can try to make a merc profile of my character Zeus. www.furaffinity.net: Zeus by GReiser by fallout19980
He's based on the hero from Dota, except younger. A former god, he originally gave up his immortality to impress his wife. Can shoot lighting from his hands and cast thunderbolts from the sky. Arrogant and narcissistic, loves a challenge.
Hey all! Just a small heads up, I had a small bump with another car (or rather, the other car bumped into me) so I can only now sit down and begin work. I hope I will get at least one of the Profiles ready still today, if my brain and fingers permit.


Just some guy writing stories and playing dota


Lovable Dorky Werewolf
I'd love one of these! Here's my character Alex:
Human form: www.furaffinity.net: Human Alex Reference Sheet by featherw0lf
Wolf form: www.furaffinity.net: Alex Reference Sheet [Extra info in description] by featherw0lf

He's a dorky werewolf who tries to live as normal a life as possible. After learning to use his wolf side properly, he does his best to help others with his strength, speed, and senses. He's usually very calm but will become aggressive if you mess with anyone he cares about.

Since he's a werewolf you can either use his human form or wolf form for his page. More human art can be found on his Toyhouse page, which is linked in my signature.
Hey featherw0lf, I should be able to squeeze you in for this weekend still. Tomorrow I have a super calm/chill day so I might turn into a small factory.
For the record, you guys can repost what I make on your profiles/channels. Just remember to throw in a link with: "This guy remixed it" or some such.