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Hiring: CLOSED


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I'm looking for an artist or some artists comfortable with making nsfw ref sheets.

I have a few characters that I have sfw refs for but would like to get nsfw ones

My price range per ref is probably $100-$300 but i might be willing to go a bit higher after discussion!

Possible characters species:
-Big cat (undetermined type)
-A closed species character

Show me some examples and prices in the comments or feel free to pm me! Im also willing to hop off site to chat if that's more convenient, lmk!
Evok : Akie
Hi! I have open commissions <3
I do anime style and semirealistic! :) I can do full body + bust (or head shot) + Half) for $350 uvv)b in flat color is less <3
www.furaffinity.net: Handsome and muscular by EvokStudio
www.furaffinity.net: Punk girl! by EvokStudio
Wolf: www.furaffinity.net: Woof! by EvokStudio
Lion: www.furaffinity.net: A gigantic lion with a thick cock by EvokStudio


AKA cosmonautiks
Hello! I do ref sheets for $60, which includes two flat colored full bodies, a color palette, and description. Additional full bodies can be purchased at +$15. I have a lot of experience drawing secondary sex characteristics and genitalia. I’ve put some examples of my work below but more can be found in my gallery. If you’re interested in working together please dm me. Thanks!




I have many NSFW works in my gallery, but here’s an example of a nsfw ref sheet I’ve done: www.furaffinity.net: C: Ser Pellanor Ref (NSFW) by cosmo-cat


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Hello, if you are still looking, here is my commission sheet: www.furaffinity.net: OPEN COMMISSIONS -- ruruscube's Journal -> If you tell me in detail what exactly you want I can give you an exact price! A ref sheet commission would start at 75€ for a flatcolored front+backview of your character :3
female examples: (NSFW nudity) www.furaffinity.net: Babe Reference Sheet [CM] by ruruscube and (NSFW nudity) www.furaffinity.net: (Closed) Dragon Adopt by ruruscube
male examples: (careful NSFW for nudity!!) www.furaffinity.net: Ayal Reference Sheet [CM] by ruruscube and (sfw) www.furaffinity.net: Wolfy Reference Sheet [CM] by ruruscube
(i also love drawing dragons, in my galery i have a bunch of dragon adopt art!)

If youre interested in my artstyle or have any questions or want to know the exact price for what you imagine, feel free to message me here or note me on my fA! (we can also ecchange discords) Have a good day <3


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Hi! i'm interested to do your request! here some example of my art and price.

IF you need clarification, don't be afraid to ask :) I have a discord account if you want to contact me here.

Some example of my art:



Indie Game Artist / Telegram: vinfang


Gundam Meister
Hi, I am interested too. I do both SFW and NSFW artwork. Here are some examples of my work:

For cell-shaded reference sheets I charge $26 USD per full-body view and $16 USD per detail shot. Digitally painted reference sheets (like the last one) are $37 USD per full-body view. (and $27 USD per detail shot). Please note me on FA or e-mail me at sushychan(at)gmail.com if you want to work with me.


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Hi, I was very interested in your proposal and would very much like to be able to carry out this work.
This is the link of my portfolio in the FA: Raidez FA ( value negotiable )/ Artstation: Raidez
this is my page here in the forum where I ask my clients to write feedbacks.


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Heya! I'm interested in working with you :>

Here are examples of my latest work

and Here are my prices and ways to contact me
Hello, if you're still searching I'd be interested in taking a shot at the ref. Can view some of my stuff here. Feel free to message there as well if interested


Hello there! I'm Millle! (✿ ͡◕ ᴗ◕)つ━━✫・*。

I'm a digital artist and freelancer. I've been selling commissions for more than 6 years now, for clients from all around the world. ♡

Here is my FurAffinity profile (where you can find my art): Userpage of Millle -- Fur Affinity [dot] net

And, in this journal, you can find more infos and details about my commissions, including infos about my creative process and communication process with clients!

For NSFW examples, please send me a message and I'll show them to you asap! {If you're looking for nsfw art, note that all fetishes are included!! I will never judge you.} ♡

I can also do reference sheets!!
comm info 2020.jpg