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I am currently looking for an artiest to help me with a NSFW comic around twelve pages long with full colour and backgrounds. I am willing to spend more than $500 USD for each half of this work. If I am happy with the work after the first half is finished, I will then commission the other half, and potentially more. I am willing to negotiate price within reason.

I would like an artist comfortable with drawing both humanoid and detailed mechanical workings. For the mechanical parts I would prefer a nice level of detail and internal workings rather than just a metallic skin. I will attach two examples of the kind of mechanical structures I like below. I am not too picky about artistic style but would prefer 2d art if possible.

The work would contain the following themes for this fist volume: Amputee, mechanical prosthesis, transformation, hermaphrodite, eggs/oviposition, mind-control, multiple arms, multi-breasts laboratory/experimentation, onahole/milker, muscle growth. I may be willing to remove some of these themes if necessary but I would prefer to keep them all in.

The scenario for the comic would be a female human, double leg amputee, being fitted with a pair of mechanical prosthesis, in a experimental lab. The limbs are both the size and shape of the legs belonging to a t-Rex. After being fitted with the new legs the character's biology and reproductive instincts would be over ridden by the prosthesis. Over the course of the comic the character would gradually morph into an anthropoid alien t-rex like being, with four arms and an ovipositor, with the laboratory staff preforming tests on her ever step of the way.

Thank you for your time.

Examples: Pulled both of these off google.

First the legs of a thunder jaw from Horizon Zero Dawn. Heck most of the robot anatomy from that game is the primary inspiration for this.

Second, an example of digitigrade prosthesis. Note: work does not need to be in a anime style just example.


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