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A normal coyote character but I'd be fine with any character as long as they're feral/have a feral form.
I'd be willing to RP, depending on what scenarios you have in mind! I especially want to use my OC Nightmare, since I haven't written a story for him yet. I like dark themes too, there's very little that is off limits with me. Feel free to PM me if you want to discuss further, I can give you my discord handle there
I’d love to discuss some ideas if you’re still interested? I have a feral whitetail doe i could use or have other characters too.. my discord is justheretorp1991#0366 if you’d like to discuss further? Thanks for reading either way my friend


I pretend I'm a fluffy kitty on the interfloofs~
I'm interested, I've been contemplating looking for people to do anything feral with, SFW or otherwise, I won't mind. I'm a snow leopard, but I've got other characters if a whole canine/feline thing doesn't work lol. I'd prefer talking about it on discord if that's okay- @SchneeTheSnep#4293