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Clothing Style

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ok...today i went from tight jean-shorts and boxer-briefs with sandals and a tight crown royal shirt (dont drink....just liked the shirt)
then i switched to chick pants (black) no underwear and sandals (lazy) and a tight shirt from pac-sun


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Colors and patterns that are in season at the time usually , but jeans go with everything. Because it's summer I usually wear a designer wife beater or a black wife beater with a an unbuttoned colored shirt with the sleeves rolled up. Because of my body type, shorts usually look awful on me unless I go the gangsta route and that style is pretty 2006 at the latest by now, having largely been replaced with hipster culture. In any season I tend to wear V-necks because they provide a nice contrast with my round head.
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Socks, Undies, a skater t-shirt(medium), plaid shorts (with colors matching that days shirt), and a pair of skate shoes. And I look entirely better than all of the other guys around here who dresses in skater fashion XD (not to be cocky XD)

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Cargo pants, polo shirts, sneakers.

That is all.


Lets see.....I love skirts that cover my knees.....long sleeved blouse (white or light colored pink.), and black sandals. I add in a light pink muffler at times when it feels cold in the morning.

I am so not comfortable wearing jeans.... ;C
-T shirts
-Jackets(only in winter)
- ... PANTS, not tight

I hate tight shit, because it looks slutty on women and gay on men.


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- Knee length, solid colored, designer shorts

- Fairly tight fitting T-shirt. I like V-necks.

- Never socks. Sperry Top Siders (white), or nice flip flops.

- White rope bracelet, and sometimes some sort of necklace.

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Usualy dark colored clothes. shirt and jeans.

Usualy sandels, flipflop or some kind of open toe shoe type.
Rarely socks or other type of shoes.

Often a dragon pendent of some sort too.


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Jeans, a tshirt, sneakers or steel toe boots depending on how much time I want to spend wrestling with laces, and my trenchcoat if it's raining/cold. Sometimes I wear a wide-brimmed felt hat, too.


Today i was wearing a white Fred Perry shirt, a pair of jeans a bit low in the back so people can see my D&G underwear, and a white shoes with rasta laces.
That's pretty much all I wear when it's cold out, with different shirts ofcourse (only good brands :3)

If it's hot out I'll wear the same thing except for a pair of Billabong boardshorts, got a few of those aswell.


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Comfortable casual or GTFO

T-shirt, jeans, sneakers

Absolutely this.
Except for the sneakers. I love my combat boots.

Though it was warm today, so a sleeveless shirt, shorts and sandals for me.
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I kind of float between feminine and masculine, sophisticated to I don't give a shit today. Really it depends upon what is clean and what is my mood.

I stick to mixes of more muted colors such as black, dark/mute green, brown, tan, and khaki. Pants are usually snug but not too tight...but never denim jeans, or blue jeans. I'll go with camouflage, straight black, straight white, khaki, and green for pants that are not rough feeling Denim. I don't how to describe the way I roll with tops. I don't like really girly shit. I like my tops to fit. Most shirts must stop or not go much further than my waist. The only exception is two tops I have that I think is not meant to be worn with pants. But I only button them half way and it looks spiffy. Both are black and can pair well with my cameo pants or my khaki pants and it doesn't look really girly. I love my leather boots I have but I don't wear them as much. When I do I tuck my pant legs into them. I also have another pair of boot like things. They are small, suede boot-like things. I prefer black shoes. I don't like wearing tennis shoes. I do have a pair for walking.

Er...when it's a relaxed day I just throw on a t-shirt and some pants. I only really dress up spiffy if I'm going to be out and about.
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