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Cockatoo Partial?


New Member
I've been looking to get a partial suit made for my fursona, Viva, a lesser sulfur crested cockatoo, but ii haven't had any luck :( I am on a low budget, probably around $100- $150 (I know that's asking a lot, because of the price of materials and all, but its really all I can offer... If anyone has any information for me, or can possibly do it themselves, please let me know, it's greatly, GREATLY appreciated :D


White Devil
I would save up because unless you want garbage for a suit that will be unsafe and badly built that is all you will get for that little. Save up until you have close to 600 or so if you want someone to make you something that is worth a damn


New Member
Yeah, that's what I've been trying to do, but I get so impatient and impulsive, ahahaha. Thanks for the tip, though!


Inglorious Bastard
Firast thing is to save up and the next is to ask if makers take payment plans. If so, then ask how nuch to put down and to pay each month.

For a Budget of 100-150, you aren't going to get "Professional quality".


It costs quite a bit to make just a partial, but I'm curious to see how a cockatoo partial will look. I'm a huge bird nut and haven't seen many avian fursuits X3