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Codi the animal


I figured I would post this since I never did. Basically when I left FA my friend was like GIVE ME NAME, I GIVE YOU CHARACTER and I was like, w/e, Codi. Then she bought me a thing, it was great. Anyway.

Name: Codi
Age: 20
Species: ...Good question!
Sex: Male, can be drawn female but is usually just neutral

Appearance: I can't readily describe it. Codi is a mostly-black animal that kind of looks like an opossum, a cat, a dog maybe, and several other things. He also has no pupils. His main color is black, with white underside and symmetrical white markings, short black hair and all-green eyes. The darker green is his iris and pupil.

Behavior: Chillax, self-confident, nerdy/quirky, not emo in the slightest, kind of oblivious, logical, a bit pessimistic sounding (but honest, sometimes to a fault).

Skills/notskills/strongs/weeks: I don't know I'm too lazy for this

History: also that

~~~~~~~Faggy stuff~~~~~~~~

Clothing: shit idk. he likes business suits and ties, but will casually wear Cuban Guayabera shirts because they're perfect for storing cigarettes in, as well as khaki shorts, cargo pants, or jeans, and sandals with socks (Floridiots amirite)


By Ticon, featuring Daisy the bunny


Bust of Codi, showing he can be drawn with or without those "teeth" markings along the lip


Full ref, by ice~ghost (bust also by them)

Edit: Also a song

Orientation: Wibbly-wobbly
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