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(Base/YCH) Selling: Coffee with You - Couple YCH | current bid: $300


always hungry

A SB: $70
B SB: $70

MB: $10
If the sum of both poses reaches a certain amount by the end of the auction, it will be finished in the following style:
{Click Style Name for Sample}

INK $200
CELL $300
PAINT $500

◇ Any gender, any species.
◇ Small body and facial expression adjustments OK
◇ SFW ONLY. Characters will be dressed in comfy outfits I design after I consult customers
◇ Background outside the window can be anything and any time of day.

◇ If there is more than a $50 difference between A & B, (for example, bidder A won at 200 while bidder B won at 140), then please understand that I will consult only the highest bidder about the background
◇ Yall can also give me creative freedom lmao

◇ By bidding, you agree to my TOS and will follow it's guidelines
◇ Payment is through PAYPAL only. Payment must be made 48 hours after the auction ends. Failure to pay on time will forfeit your claim and will go to the next highest bidder.
◇ Bidding Ends on January 16, 2021 | 12mn GMT8+


characters portrayed owned by me and my friend Le Chat Necro