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collab research

Byzance123 Rauss Khan

Well-Known Member
there is few ideas that I have:

- medium art level minimum
- If you can do Linearts, I would like to coloring them (if you accept)
- comic if you want or vore ( most NSWF or butt )

these ocs are to draw in lineart only:

Volvogrod (normal musculature)
Glimadesh (high musculature and put it in fullbody linearts, I will add new clothes)
Kali (same than Glimadesh, not big muscles)
Arya (same than Glimadesh, not big muscles)

notes: I have only anthros. I will choose what is the best for me. I will be a bit selective on the collabs depending on quality and design you use. Anyway, it would be generous if you propose me your comm.