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(Commission) Selling: ($150+) Collaborative 3D Design Commissions: $250 (SFW only)


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Sascha-Snowstorm and I are teaming up to offer a greater variety of commission options! From now on, paying $250 will get you:

- (The-Greatest-Mystery) Front + Side view of the species/character, drawn as semi-rough, stylized sketches (rough for review)
- (The-Greatest-Mystery) Digital flat-colour of the front or side view, depending on which shows more colour detail (colour review)
- (Sascha-Snowstorm) Rough preview render of a 3D model made in Z-brush (final review)
- (Sascha-Snowstorm) Hand-painted 3D print of the model, mailed to you.

Model Size: 50-60mm tall
Simple, Stylized Resin Model
Free shipping within Canada and the US

This generally applies to my adoptables, but can also apply to pre-existing OCs with proper visual reference.

As always, my designs are for commercial use. However, the model is only for non-commercial use unless a prior agreement is reached with Sascha-Snowstorm. (She's not actively on here, so you can PM me instead)

Examples of Sascha-Snowstorm's models based on my art:




To see more of Sascha-Snowstorm's work, check out her Art Station: https://www.artstation.com/saschauncia