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(Base/YCH) Selling: "Collar" YCH Painting ! <- Unlimited Slots, Any gender, Any Species for USD $16 !


New Member
Hi everyone! I just finished my first unlimited slots YCH base.

>> You can check it here <<

The collar of the base has some profanity , although in general its not a mature piece in my conception.
Further info can be found at the submission itself but i will paste here:

-> Unlimited slots as long as my comms are open !
-> I can Add simple background for extra $5 !
- > I can do small changes (things written in the Collar, clothes, eyes expression etc) for free. ^^

To claim slots, just comment here and i will message you, or you can go directly at the comment section of the submission :0
I have multiple open since its my last days of vacation !
The final results should be something close to this:
Here !

Thank you so much everyone and have a great day !​