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Kyrre said:
I went with my collared friend to pick up some leather supplies for her mistress' birthday.  Bondage shops have some of the most gorgeous leather collars I've ever seen.

Well I was thinking something less conspicious than bondage, though I will admit their rather nice in their own way
Slightly unrelated, but I once wanted to buy a dog tag for dogs with my name on it and stuff to wear around my neck, but then I realized I'm more of a scaly than a furry so it wouldn't make as much sense as I'd like it to.

I don't wear any jewelry at all. Except I think I'll be getting braces sometime soon since my mouth is terrible so I'll have bling-bling on my teeth.


shake wut ur mama gave u
I like the idea of collars much more than I like actual ones. I hate having things close around me neck. Maybe cus I was hanged or chocked in a past life... oh well. But i did see this awesome orange, shiny collar at Wal*Mart once.


I havn't found a collar to fit 'me' yet, but I've always worn a tag around my neck. My first one was blue, but .. the guy who gave it to me broke my heart. It was my idea to get the original.

My current fiance didn't know about the original one, and found a rainbow colored one with "SELUNCA" and his phone number on it. He got the idea from one of my good friends, Sabarika.

He put the phone number on incase people ask for my phone number, I can give them his. :p

I'd love to find a neon green or classy grass green one to attach my tag too. Alas, my mother and fiance are uncomfortable with me wearing one becasue they think some dude would grab it and take advantage of it and hold me down. : Paranoid loved ones. :p


New Member
Oooh! Collars are nice! I'll need to get myself one now, with a nice d-ring in front for a leash *winks*

Tobias Cray

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The bigger the collar the better I always say. Single spiked, large D ring, quarter inch thick leather. Something you can really pull back on. Thats the ticket. I go crazy when I see women in collars. I think it's my weakness. ;o_O

Mine says Wolf on the tag.

Tobias Cray


I have a simple black nylon dog collar with a bone-shaped tag that says "WYR" on it. I hardly ever wear it, tho.