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Collecting Art of my characters! :D

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This is Kitt's arty thread of art whoreness. :D

I love art... Doing it and getting it, so. XD I wanna join the rush in requests...

Okay, so.

Note: At this point, I don't want anything of any character having sex ("yiffing"), or even in the act of masturbation or anything like that.  Suggestive is fine, and so is tasteful nudity, but only with some characters.  For instance, NOTHING suggestive of Kittiara unless I specifically say otherwise.

In fact, I guess you should ask if you have an idea... I don't like shooting them down, but it's a personal matter.  Sorry for being a party pooper! ;3

Pics Collected:
Raebid by Madd Magician.
Tobias by LoboRoo.


My boyfriend... it'd be nice to get some of him. <3 <3

Species: Frost Wyrm
Build: Slender but with hints of athletic muscle.
Scales: Light blue, with hints of white and darker blues.
Wears: Baggy T-shirts with tribal or dragon designs, jeans, army green converse and a chain around his neck that goes through three silver rings.

Picture 2.
Picture 3.


References for Kittiara, Jaxter, Hamlet, Toby, and Atalica.

Kittiara - (House)cat Devil
Personality: Kitt is my fursona.  She's pretty goofy, often ditzy, and likes to play at being cocky.  She's confident, but tries her best to be kind.  She says she hates conflict, but she's really opinionated, and in fact doesn't hesitate to snap your head off in defending her moralistic views.  She also swears a lot, often without thinking before opening her mouth.

Jaxter - Husky Seraphim (Other ref.)
Personality: Jaxter is Kitt's alter ego.  He's the 'opposite' species with an opposite color combination, but he's quite similar to her.  One major difference is that he's quite the flirt and tease, even if he wont actually follow through with it.  Actually, he's kind of an ass, too.  He's boyish and often treds on feelings, as he doesn't pay much attention.

Hamlet - Vhramedas (original race) (Other ref (markings of the clothed brother).)
Personality: Hamlet is actually the name of the long-haired one.  His twin brother died and remained unborn, but his spirit seeped into his brother while they were both in the womb.  When the spirit emerged, having existed without Hamlet knowing it, it attempted to take over.  Hamlet, being far too powerful, subdued the spirit of his dead twin and named him 'Hamlet' after himself.  They are therefore bound together.  Hamlet "1" is quiet, cold and calculating, with a hostile nature.  He is the son of an illustrious businessman, and is distant from all but his brother.  Hamlet "2" is more openly hostile and impish, delighting in misfortune.  While as of yet unable to exist in a solid form, will appear to his brother in dreams and his always in his head.  They are very close, due to this.  I call them, collectively, simply Hamlet.

Tobias - Youe (original race)
Personality: The Youe race lives deep in an ancient, almost junglelike forest.  They are matriarchal, and the females are usually the stronger and larger of the two sexes.  Toby is a guildsman in the Guild of Scribes and works in the Great Athenaeum.  He is collected and happy with what he does, and holds his loved ones dear, though his older sisters delight in embarassing their soft-spoken brother.  Though yet rather young and naive, he is skilled and shows potential.

Atalica - Lesser Gryphon
Personality: Atalica rarely sees her homeland high in the mountains anymore, as she is one of the elite Messengers, carrying vital messages at great speed whenever called upon.  She is a big sisterly figure to the younger gryphons, since she gives advice, hugs, and cuffs 'round the ears in equal measure.  She is an independant creature, but not a recluse, for there's nothing she loves more than a good banter with the locals and to share a drink.

Raebid - Rat Cyborg, 5'0"

Most up to date picture, but see Ref. Sheet for colors and spots.
Ref Sheet (only design, colors, spots, and piercings accurate, not info.. he's not even semi-digigrade, for example)
Personality: Raebid seems a simple enough rat boy, except for the fact that he can lift SUVs with little effort and weighs far more than he should since, well, his bones are made of metal, including half his skull.  It's not known where he comes from or why he's the way he is, but it couldn't have been too bad because he's a happy little guy.  Levelheaded in his silliness (silly people give the most straightforward advice) he acts oblivious and loves nothing more than loose clothing, candy, and a nice set of DJ headphones and a club to work in.  It may be that his almost childlike disposition is an act, for he's been known to become uncharacteristically serious and aware.

Artesian - Bat/Armadillo, 5'7"-

Personality: His mother, a lovely bat, is from Athens, Greece, and his father from Rome in Italy.  Artesian grew up in a cultured and loving family.  They moved to the United States when Artesian was young, and now Arty is aiming to head back one of these days.  He aspires to be a dancer and is quite the natural.  Very quiet and shy when off the dancefloor, he cuts an elegant figure, carrying himself without effort.  When dancing, like many who are good at what they do, he becomes a different person in the rush of being the center of attention (or, in a club, striving for just that).  His best friend is Raebid, and he tends only to visit whatever clubs and nights Raebid is DJing.

Cheshire - Cheshire Cat, 5'6"

Personality: Cheshire (that's her last name-- it's a mystery what her given name is) is quite possibly clinically insane.  What little is clear of her past is that she once aspired to be a nurse, since both of her parents worked in the medical field, but it's clear she never suceeded (whether her failure came from insanity setting in, or failing caused the insanity is unclear) but she lives in a large city now to avoid any recognition.  Working in a shady, underground medical business, she posesses a lust for skin-- for operating on it, anyway.  She wont hesitate to seduce you for your kidneys.

Lobo Roo

turtles natures suction cups
You drew an awesome pic for me, so I'll try to draw one of these. I'm not as good as you, but I have fun. ^_^ I'll be back to my scanner Friday, or I should be.


XD I might do a picture for you if I can find time and inspiration for it!


okay , I´ll try to do something for you. Look , I looooove your Chesire character and I´m on a yiffy phase (if that can happen). would you mind if I do a drawing of her and myself yiffing?
I'll try to mannage a chibi of one. ^^


blackat said:
okay , I´ll try to do something for you. Look , I looooove your Chesire character and I´m on a yiffy phase (if that can happen). would you mind if I do a drawing of her and myself yiffing?

Yes, I do mind, sorry.  At this point, I'd rather not have anything yiffy of my characters (though trust, me, it's not like I don't look at it or anything, lmao XD).

However, suggestive is fine, as well as partial or tasteful nudity. I may as well say as much in the first post so I wont feel like I'm shooting people down, bleah.


Don´t worry , if I asked is because I know some people don´t like to see their characters on a yiffy situation and I didn´t wanted to do it without permission. I´ll do something clean then...


Ill give Jaxter a go.
I heart canids
don't expect miracles on the wings though :


Madd Magician said:
Does it matter if we change up their clothing or give them more jewlery/accessories?

Not at all, I love that! :D

Don't worry Option, I'm sure it'll be awesome. >w<


Yay, Toby gets love! :D

Okay, at Madd's suggestion, I'm going to add a blurb about each character's personality. I didn't want to put too much stuff when I first made this thread, but I may as well. ^^


I hope people don't see all that text and run. XD

Well, all updated.. will probably also put thumbnails instead of links to pics.

Haha, awesome, Lobo. XD He's great.. little scribe Youe nomnomnom.


Thanks, that's really great and cute! X3 The only thing is that his spots are missing... ^^;


In a few hours I'll be gone until Monday or so, maybe I'll be able to check stuff before then, but I dunno. Just so y'all know that I'm not ignoring you if you give me art. x_x
That's because they looked liked blood spallters to me xD So I wans't 100% sure, I'll add them in really quick ^_^ Cute new sig btw ^_^


Thanks.. though next time, the spots on the reference aren't random. Three under his eyes, a few on the sides of his face, his headfur, ears... ;3 Sorry to be nitpicky, but.. you know how it is.
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