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college furs


Gaming Lynx
im going to a vocational training school in the afternoon after high school. im plannig on going to either UK or vincennes next year.


I'm at college in England, in a place called Hornchurch (Ardleigh Green, for any other Essexers out there) - well I would be if they ever get 'round to telling me which days my classes are on...they seem to deemed this bit of information...unimportant - which should tell you all you need to know about how crappy crap the English college system is.



Junior of Shawnee State Uni.
Major: Video Game Design Engineering
Minor: Physics

Wooo! I fraken love college and ssu on of the best in Ohio! Any furs in Ohio or close by looking for a good art,nursing, or computer science school come here its great ^^

How's that major going? I'm thinking of majoring in video game design when I go off to college. I'm a Junior in high school right now, though.

I've only taken Visual Basic and may take C++ next year. VB was fun but more difficult than I had hoped.

Science Fox

Alien/Robot Rights Activist
I attend the University Of Lousiville and am currently working on my Doctorate. :)

Adelio Altomar

Rat-Sized Superiority Complex
Technically I'm considered a college student because of the Dual-Credit English course I'm taking, so I guess yes?


I'm going back to college!!! This January!
I'm getting my certificate in Criminology and then probably going to get a double minor in crim (with the certificate) and maybe computer science or sociology. *shrugs*


Teh Emo Thundah!
DeVry University in Irving.

What major, SSFox? I'm in GSP.


New Member
DeVry University - Columbus Campus
Major: Bachelors of Science Computer Information Systems (Computer Programming)
Concentration: Web Development and Administration


Now what was that spell again?
Cal State, I am majoring in Fire Protection and Technology. Currently I have only taken GE classes.


Gone Hunting
Why must you all insist on calling it college when it is University? College is what you go to between school and Uni. It's like two years irrsponsability.

I go to Brighton Uni and do ART.


Waiting to get thin again
Snead community.


Lurking in Castle Moats
I'm going to a community college in Virginia. I have a few semesters to go before I graduate.


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I attend the upper vocational school (after I finished my training) in a small village in Bavaria to make my A-Levels =)

Alex Cross

Taste the Music
I've been in college for quite some time only because I was undecided for quite a while. Now I'm a law major and I may apply to UC Berkeley, get my law degree, pass the BAR exam, get my Ph.D and make lots of money.