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Which color scheme do you like best?

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So I need help deciding on the color scheme for my newest border collie fursona! (Also a name after I choose the final colors)
I'd love opinions! Also people seem to really like the first one but I'm not too sure about it cause I feel it's not enough?? If that makes sense??

What are your thoughts?


I like the middle one its really like fluffy white snow, and it reminds me of ice but the first one is like candy
I second that. #'S 1 and 2 are great. also, nice to see some chunky furries that are not gross/unrealistic fetish fodder. did you draw these? they are very good.


Obsessed With Shapes & Colours
One on the right feels the most unique to me... but not necessarily the best...
I like the one on the left, but something about the colours makes it look like she's just brown/cream with a purple light shining on her?

Yeah, I think I like leftie the best. The light thing's probably just my eyes being weird.


I would go for #3

It looks alot better


Ok so you guys seem to like the first one the most! So I guess I'll go with that one!
I'll use the other color schemes for different characters!