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Color Scheme.

Now I just kinda started thinking about it and my fursona's color scheme is really sort of all over the place. Not very monochromatic or anything. In fact, I think it's a little unappealing to the eyes and especially difficult to do with the traditional means I'm using now.

So while I was working on my character Elektra Tiltella, I was noticing how the blue and blue green was making her color scheme very convincing and more appealing, and then I looked at my fursona. Eh. All over the place. Pink and purple hair, grey fur...blech. Something is kinda wrong with it.

Besides that, I'm one of those people who likes making an honest fursona. I attempt to draw her chubby, and I try making her face more round, like mine. But I'm wondering if I could make it even closer to me if I changed the color scheme completely.


This is my current color scheme. Noticing now that they really seem a little bit muddled up, now sure I've been trying blending, but the blending of the colors only really looks good on the hair.

Now if I change the hair to a more brunnette/light brown, then I will change the fur to brown with white socks and a white tail tip and ear tips. This is an idea I had in mind originally for my fursona. And I'll possibly leave the eyes golden, and that might look really cute with the brown color scheme.

However I'm truly attatched to the pink and purple, so I could always make my fur a more lilac or pinkish purple. HOWEVER, this is color scheme dangerously close to a lot of other people and may also be a little...crazy. So crazy that it might be unappealing. I could keep the grey fur and pink and purple hair, but I would quite possibly need to rid of the blue socks and then use markings that are greyish white.

So to all the expert color schemists out there, I want your thoughts on my fursona's color scheme and possibly ideas on changing it.


Faller and Bucker
I agree that some of your colors are a bit hectic for the eyes to follow when used in tandem.

I realize it's not exactly what you want to hear, but this is your fursona, and you're the one who needs to decide on the color scheme (even if your friends and loved ones die from color-induced seizures or have monochromatic deaths of boredom; you can be orange, white and yellow, or you can be lonely Mrs. grey, but make sure it's you).

If you'd rather not lose the pinks, try to incorporate some similarly-colored accessories. A bangle, bandana, or neckerchief can add a lot of color and character!

Good luck!