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What Does The Fox Say(isn't this original)
Ok so the fursona I use now was just a temporary one just until I could think of a better one and I have thought of what species I wanted and designs I'd like to have on it, but I am still looking for a good color scheme. I have a few in mind but I'm not 100% sold on them and I want my new fursona to be my permanent one. Anyone have a color scheme that would look good? If so thanks.


"nEw UsEr"
I'm badly color blind (with a hybrid disorder, to make matters worse), so my preferences may not hold a lot of weight. But personally, some of my favorite dual color schemes are blue/yellow, blue/white, purple/red, and grey/red.

Sergei Nóhomo

Spicey Memes
Depends on what you are mate. Most mammals will do fine with a colour scheme ranging from dark red, brown and a bit of grey undertones to balance it out.

Just don't go fucking rainbow or some shit like that unless you wanna be an unironic sparkle dog


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Adobe has a pretty neat free online tool for creating color palettes: Adobe Color CC
You can either play around with the color wheel yourself to find something you like, or click "Explore" in the menu to look at palettes other users created and saved.


What Does The Fox Say(isn't this original)