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Hi there! I'm opening commissions - more info is below the samples!


Price for 2 characters: x1.5 in halfbody/chibi fullbody and x1.8 in fullbody

I'm accepting both euro (€) and USD - euro is highly preferred because it helps me pay my classes! but USD is good too, I've written the price in both forms on the sheets.

I will draw
-Simple dragons
-Original species (as long as the species' creator allows it)
-Couples (any orientation) / more than one character on same piece

I won't draw
-Gore/excessive blood
-Complex backgrounds

Ask me about anything not listed here :)


Aside from regular commissions I'm also offering YCH and more complex stained glass like pieces:


Note if you can't see the pic big enough, click here

Prices are the following

1. Scarf and socks - you decide the color/pattern of these
11€ or 13 USD

2. Walking with style - you decide the color/design of sweater
11€ or 13 USD

3. Fly high
11€ or 13 USD

4. Tangled in lights
11€ or 13 USD

5. Big gift
6€ or 7 USD

6. I'm your gift!
11€ or 13 USD

7. Santa helper
13€ or 15 USD

8. Wanna help? - optional hat for free, you can pick the character with or without it
13€ or 15 USD

And leaving these too - price will vary depending on a many factors so if you are interested, send me a private message! starting/minimum price 30 € / 35 USD

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Babyfur :3
Question..... I'm interested in a piece involving me and my best friend. I really like the picture in the top right, the two chibi heads smiling at each other. Could you do that same thing in the style of a kangaroo and a husky if I provided you with the ref sheets? If so, how much would that cost?
@Aspen1994 Hello! Yes, I'm good with doing something like that for you two, if 6€ sounds like a reasonable price (total price for the two characters), I'd be up for drawing both c:
@Aspen1994 USD is fine by me, the conversion nowadays would bring that to 6.82 USD (6.8 to make it round - that's the price if you pay in USD) - feel free to send me a private message with the characters details and your paypal so I can send the invoice c:


Babyfur :3
I made a conversation thingy on here. I haven't used the forums in so long that I don't remember how to do a private message. I hope I did it right >.<