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Coloring Tools

Arshes Nei

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I've used markers before (a brand x one) and I found they bled on computer paper and even drawing paper. Also tried gel pens many years which aren't really a good idea to color with. As for acrylics, not sure if I'd use that for furry art as i see that more for fine art like portraits or landscapes.

Again, you need to use appropriate paper with the media you use. Just like I don't use copy paper for oil painting :p


For watercolor on the go, assuming you don't want to have to stretch and tape a bunch of papers on a bunch of boards to bring with you, I find the watercolor block paper (sheets glued together around the edges to form a block) is pretty okay. It'll still buckle a bit if you're aggressive enough with the water, but if you're after portability, it's a pretty good compromise.


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I usually use a lot of water when I work with watercolors or ink and the paper usually buckles a bit, but it's nothing that heavy book couldn't handle. As Arshes said, you have to use right paper for the right medium. If you use low-weight paper for anything that has something to do with water, it probably will end up wavy and maybe even tattered.
Though sometimes it's a nice experiment to try some unusual thing to paint on - inks on Bristol works pretty terrible, you can't make fine details with watercolors on balsa wood and inks are much better medium for canvas than watercolors. But it's much easier to paint on something that is made for watercolors.
I think the best for paintings made with a lot of liquid are papers with 250g/m3 or higher, and the larger format, the more weight is better.

What are your most favorite brands of paper for watercolors?

Arshes Nei

Masticates in Public
I have a few Canson watercolor books which are small books with watercolor paper. I also have a couple of Watercolor Sketchbooks like Moleskine and another brand I saw at an art store. I like Arches watercolor paper a lot.


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I love the marker tool on sai, and I guess generally coloring tools that don't blend. I like the huge contrasting of colors and shades with it.

but I do also like blending when I want to get serious. I haven't really found a perfect tool per say, but I have that art rage program, and the natural paints on it are pretty awesome. it's just hard to get anything to look decent. I always end up making everything bright and horrible looking


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I started out with OC 1.1 for my digital art but then as time progressed, I came to find SAI and Manga Studio 5 which are the loves of my laptop and tablet.
sometimes I may go .5 mechanical pencil and pen but mostly it's digital.