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Colors tinting toward base color in SAI?


most goodest boi
I've been playing with colors and learning however much I can but I recently noticed something that is confusing the hell out of me.

If I pick a color like Brown(H 0:180 S:255 V:124) and I paint a spot at 100% opacity, density, and max pressure, then color sample it, the saturation and hue drop significantly. I have no layer effects on. For this I am using a basic brush with maximum edge hardness, full density, max size, 0 blending, 0 dilution, and 0 persistence.

The interesting thing is if I drag the saturation to full (255) and drop the color again, the hue will shift significantly toward the base color and lighter in saturation. This continues until I reach the base color. In the case of the Brown I've chosen, it keeps dropping until I reach primary Red but the saturation constantly drops to 167. Once the hue reaches Red, it stops changing and the saturation remains at 167. Every time I sample the color after dropping it, the saturation reduces from 255 to 167. I feel as though the color I sample should be the exact color I dropped if it hasn't been altered in any way.

Why does this happen? This really makes me question if every time I've sampled my base color I haven't actually gotten that color or even placed the exact color I'd chosen to begin with.

Edit: I should've mentioned sampling in the title. Doesn't seem like I can change that though >.>


2D/3D Artist
I had the same problem yearssss ago back in 2009-2010 when I would use Sai
I never found the solution so I switched to Photoshop, and then to Krita.
I'm glad to know today that I wasn't the only one with this issue. Most people I told about this didn't understand the problem.
I hope you get to find a solution.