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What kinda coloring media do you prefer?

  • I prefer Digital.

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  • I like digital if they make it look creative. (Sick of burn and dodge.)

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  • Paint's Fill tool looks better than traditional.

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  • I prefer Traditional.

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  • I like traditional if the artist makes me forget its made with pencils and markers.

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  • Crapy traditional coloring is more artistic than the best digital work.

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  • Honestly? I dont care so long as they did a good job.

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i say digital... purely because it requires no mucking around with supplies...

but i dont color digitally with a buttload of layers... i tend to do it all on one layer as if i was working with tradtional media
vashdragon said:
Alright, here is a poll im trying to create, and hopefully i will do it correctly. Anyways, this is basicaly to find out what kinda coloring people prefer. Traditional or digital? In all honesty its not that simple but you have to weigh the differences.

On a note not covered by this poll. I personaly prefer coloring with traditional media because it leaves me with a real world colored image to look at. Digital... i can only get that if i print it.

But i like digital because of how easy and versatile it is. While traditional is a lot harder and complicated.

So i do both.

But now for the question. Which do you prefer? Do you like pictures colored with traditional media? Or in the computer?

I actually find digital sometimes to be a downright pain in the arse cause i can take a medium and do just fine in tradidtional methods, but fail trying to replicate it on the computer
if you are going for an extremely clean comic book look, usually i will turn to my computer.

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Wow who brought this out of the grave and WHY?