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Hiring: ($100+) Colosseum Fighting Scenario

Just a forewarning, if you don't have experience drawing Furries, Females, Males, Clothing, Weapons or Backgrounds, you have less chances of being selected. Please be prepared to provide examples of these things.

Contact Me
Discord #Zak5090
Userpage of CaptainCandyass -- Fur Affinity [dot] net
Comment below. Please do not inbox me here. If I like your work and want to move forward, I will inbox you.

This character:
(Please use ^THIS^ specific reference for clothing/weapons/ect.)

What I'm looking for
I'm looking for my character to be drawn in a fighting stance in the center of a sandy Colosseum with the viewpoint facing him at an angle, with the full background behind him included.
Would provide pose references but FA refuses to let me link anything outside of FA.
May request a female version of the piece commissioned.
Negotiable. The 100+ in the title is not my limit, merely an indication of what I'm willing to spend, potentially up to $200.

Payments & Regulations
I use Paypal only. Please keep in mind that I will 100% use the Paypal protection feature, which charges you a slight amount for my protection. It is non-negotiable. If I feel as if you are intentionally dragging out the deadline of my requested piece, if you are tracing another artist's work, blatantly copying a provided reference or if you are delivering an unfinished product/a product that you have rushed, I retain full rights to a refund following Paypal's refund policy.
It is okay to have something come up and require a little more time, it is NOT okay to drag it out an extra month+. If you do not feel that you can complete the commission work, please say so.
Anything you provide me pre-refund will not be retained.
If it is a project that you know will take you some time to do (2+ weeks) I will pay half up front and then the other half will be paid to you upon seeing a completed line art(negotiable). After the line art is done, I will expect a deadline date. If it will take you less time, I'm fine paying in full up front.

Thank you for all submissions!
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Weapons and action are something I shine at, and I won't break your budget.



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Hey! I don't have that big of an FA portfolio atm, but I'm willing to showcase what I do have;
- I am an animation student specialising in design and keyframing, and I excel at posing, anatomy (anthro and humanoid) and perspective
- I have a lot of weapon design experience (neurodivergence go brr) and love to draw complex, detailed weapons
- I tend to work pretty fast, however, because I'm a full time student and also have IRL work commitments I might take a little longer especially on big pieces

Here's some of my work:


These are just my furry relevant works, I have my art porfolio available my instagram accounts;
My main account
My side account

I know that hiring me might be a bit of a risk too, so I am happy to talk about flexible pricing as well :))
I wanna be able to expand my portfolio in all honesty :))
Have a gorgeous day!


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I'm open for commissions if you'd like to have a look: https://www.furaffinity.net/view/28908366/

The scene you're asking for would take me a few weeks to do (and it also depends on how much life and the universe in general get in the way), but I communicate well with my clients, keeping them updated on my progress with WIPS via my Sta.sh on DeviantArt :)

Here are some examples of my work ( I hope you don't mind me including a couple of human characters :p):


Commission Slots: OPEN
This sounds like a great project! I'd be interested in helping. My FA gallery is linked in my signature with more examples, as is my commission thread with my general prices :) If you're interested, shoot me a message!

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Hi! I'd love to work with you again. Something like that you asked would be priced at 80$ from me, plus an additional fee of 40$ for the female version.
Here are some relevant examples!
Payment via Paypal, sketch and coloured WIPs provided for approval. If interested, please feel free to either contact me via forum PM or FA note https://www.furaffinity.net/user/valery91thunder/ . I'm also available on Telegram at Valyce Negative or on Discord at BunOfThunder#4458 if needed.
Hello, everyone! Thanks a bunch for all of your submissions. I've selected the artist I'd like to move forward with, but thanks to everyone else who has posted here so I can keep an eye on your works for possible future commissions.

Thank you!


Looking at your request, I am able to do FB FC for $60USD but I would need an idea of what I will be dealing with BG wise, but from what it sounds like the commission would likely run you around $160 from me (this is a guess at the moment) I will provide some relevant examples to what you were asking! Including weapons, BG work and male as well as female characters! Also I'm pretty sure I could work within the turnaround time you're aiming for!

You can contact me easily through discord

Discord: Riboo#5557
Email: Riboodragon@hotmail.com